Could we lay down our “selfies”

Social Media and Paris (so much noise). Social Media and so many atrocities (so little noise).

Do I “commentary” or “no commentary”? Do I “thought” or “no (public) thought”. Do I “God or Allah” or “no God or Allah and all that stuff”?  Do I let others do all the “theological” infighting?  Do I help or hinder through silence or words?

??? :-/ ??? :-/

Death is death. Violence is violence. Loss, Grief, Pain are all universal.  Right now (and for a lifetime to come) would you care who killed your father, wife, lover, child, relative, or friend? Would you have a second to waste blaming or excusing or selecting and weighing up responsibility?  When you are numb, dead, wounded, terrified, lost and alone … ?

I lost “no one”.  I saw people running. I heard shots. I saw blurred-out images of the dead and dying. I thought My God – again! And was numb.

And then I went to bed. And I slept. And I got up on Saturday morning and went about all the things I had planned for Saturday. How about you?  When someone you love dies, what did you do?

Does that sound cold and harsh? Should I have cancelled Saturday (and today)?  Did you – will you?  Did I stop smiling, eating, moving, thinking, being … did you?  Should I even be writing this?  Should I be apportioning blame? Sifting whether Islam is wrong, whether God is wrong, whether religion is wrong? Should I be defending “my God” and “my faith” and “my belief system” …. ?

My “normality” is that I am living today.

When our own dad died it was a “normal death” – a quiet and expected dying – at home –  with us. And we were numb. How about you?

When the families and loved ones and friends of those ripped from life in such a horrific, instant and unexpected millisecond – when they got the news of their own loved ones dying – does anything I say – that you say – that we say … does any of “that” matter?

Does it matter “why” and “who” – all the “noise” we make from a safe distance – because we are still living?

How dissimilar to what we accuse the “paparazzi” of?  When they continue taking pictures instead of putting down their cameras and connecting with the horror in front to them? Don’t we see them going about their “normal business”of snapping and sniping – and are we not repelled by that behaviour?

So how different all this noise on “social media” … ? Going about its normal business of “snapping and sniping” instant opinion, the words continuing to “click” on grief, the “verbal images” so distanced from love-gone numb.

I am numb. Something has been ripped from me. Something decent. Something living. Something precious.

And then I went to bed. And I slept. And I got up on Saturday morning and went about all the things I had planned for Saturday. How about you?

Every time this happens so many do not sleep. Every time this happens so many do not hear any “noise”. Every time this happens …

So could we lay down our “selfies” – the ones we seem more in love with than anything else in “the picture”?

And could we be part of the healing?


4 thoughts on “Could we lay down our “selfies”

  1. Been thinking about this.

    How does Facebook look over in England? Just me being curious (ok. bad joke.) My newsfeed is covered with French flags. Not sure what I think of all that. Not that I don’t want to support patriotism, but first and foremost, I am a child of the King, and His Kingdom is not of this world.

    I think part of the way we are part of the healing is by always being prepared to give a reason for the Hope that is in us, and like the Good Book says, with gentleness and respect.

    • Hiya Rebekah, it is the same old Facebook with loads of semi-transparent French flags over people’s profile pics alongside the usual status updates and comments. Facebook chooses which events it offers such “statements” to be made. So – again – it is a temporary profile pic.
      I have chosen not to. Only because it is “easy”, and a join the crowd thing – and because there are many other tragedies – and because I am not sure how it would “change me” (or not).
      This post was part of that thinking: too easy to add noise in a meaningless way. What prompted these words was seeing some other posts (not the majority) wherein the old “slice and dice” warfare was truly underway.
      The other thought was by adding no words at all, does this “Christian” conversation have any relevance? If our God remains aloof from “down and dirty” events – what does that say about us?
      And still not entirely sure my words help or hinder xxx
      (Thank you for asking)

  2. Very profound. Could we be part of the healing, most definitely, yet as we are each led to do so. Great post here. I suppose some of us have remained silent because we don’t have anything beneficial to add to the “noise.” Laying down “selfies” sounds good.

    • Hiya Lilka – “I suppose some of us have remained silent because we don’t have anything beneficial to add to the “noise.””

      How true that is. And how “clouded” the answer. All of that is part of all of this as well.

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