What difference have I made

I met someone at the weekend. They said they would have a look at my “stuff”. This is for them.

Because over at Church Set Free, there is not just my stuff. There is other stuff. Because you might not get on with my stuff – but you might fall in love with “their stuff”. And all this stuff is not “my stuff”, or “their stuff” … all this stuff is His stuff.

We just try and listen good. 🙂

Thank you –

Church Set Free

Why does my opinion matter?

Just why does what I say, post on Facebook, comment in WordPress (and all social media), agree/disagree with others, change my profile picture to (or not), stay silent … why does all that matter?  Why should anyone be looking at “my stuff” and think it good or bad, clean or unclean, right or wrong – simply because I am a Christian?

Why does what I say or not say, how I say it, with what tone of voice and mannerisms … why does that matter simply because I am a Christian?  Why should I get “picked on” simply because I am “a Christian”?  In a period of living where there is so much instant messaging, so many ways to be heard, so many being heard, so many adding instant messages, thoughts, opinions, pictures, colours and sounds – why should what “I” say and do “matter”?

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