A day of Thanksbringing

roses and wine

Thankswilling. Godwilling. Insaallah. In hope of thanks giving.

Thirty-two years ago this very day. I will. We did. We have.

Living in the moment for 32 years is a big ask. Builds memories. Builds hopes. Builds expectations. Cuts and scars.  Roses and wine. Good times and bad times.  And a lot of okay times. Living in the moment?

Now that is a big ask.

Thankswilling. Godwilling. Insaallah. In hope of (yet more) thanks giving.

Anniversaries. Why do we need them? Why promote one day above all others?

“Bah humbug – if you really loved them, you wouldn’t need these “special days””

I say I need these special days. I need one special day when the essence of our love is caressed. When the essence within is tenderly teased and brushed straight again. When all that is truly precious is Truly Known – again.

One day to set aside the ”we will and we are and we have”. One day to select the things for a day of Thanksbringing. The thanks bringing memories of living in the moment fully. Those times of intense connection. Those times when words were not enough – and too much – and not necessary – and beyond grasp – all at the same time.

A harvest of love. When the lows are covered over. When the highs are raised up. When the wows are wowed again. When the whole mixing bowl glistens. Our living bowl sprinkled throughout with love.

On this Knowing Day I remind myself of those unique and wondrous threads that we have entwined with care and carelessness. I look again at the weaving of those threads.  A tapestry completely unique to us – unlike any other – unnoticed by so many – unvalued by so many (even you and me from time to time).

So on this day of knowing – this day of Thanksbringing – I bring you myself: I commit to another year of hope and highs, of healing scars and cuts, of picking bright roses and sharing fine wine, of binding ever stronger our own unique tapestry.

And one year from now I will look back and bring thanks again. As on this day each year and every year.

Bringing thanks for you allowing me to be me – and you to be you. For allowing us to be what we are, who we are, and where we are. Bringing thanks for you not becoming me – for you not insisting I become you. Thanks for allowing me to become the better me, the safer me, the braver me, the more annoying me, the “well he’s not ideal if I am completely honest” me, the me you chose and the me you have given thirty-two years of your heart, heartbeats, and breathe with (most of the time).

I love you.

Three words.  Used so often.  And yet – they work.  They fit.  They are.

So don’t give me grief about remembering a card – I did (this year)!

(and even that small gripe is why I love you!)

I Love You xxx

PS – don’t get too excited about the wine  – I “google-imaged” it!



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