What each shares rather than what divides

I bumped into a BBC programme tonight (it is now early morning).

A TV presenter called Adrian Chiles and a series of him travelling the twenty-four countries (and three continents) around the Mediterranean. A series in which he, as a late addition to the “Roman Catholic” community, explores the three main faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

He seeks what each shares rather than what divides each.

If your part of the world allows using BBC iPlayer – here is the link to the first in the series:

“My Mediterranean with Adrian Chiles”

And if you are not allowed –ย here is the programme website




15 thoughts on “What each shares rather than what divides

    • Hiya RoW – thank you. Adrian Chiles makes me chuckle as a tv/sports presenter. Seeing him present this series was a surprise. Yet the “one God” theme fits with a personal view of “Love is God is God is Love” – and a much more inclusive position than the usual doctrines of faith (and denomination) wherein demarcation and difference seem to rule.

      How about you?

      • I haven’t gotten to watch a lot of it but the idea is intriguing. Most of the time religious people are painted into a corner of fanaticism by the media. Chiles also is able to focus on the good that comes from faith rather than painting faith as a hindrance or crutch.

        • If I had a thumbs-up icon – I would plant a few below your comment!! ๐Ÿ™‚

          “Most of the time religious people are painted into a corner of fanaticism by the media.”

          I think a lot of “religious people” do that by themselves – the media simply reflects that. Which is what gave me an emotional cuddle watching this programme – we all have more in common than difference (I think). And we would find that out if we were brave enough to ask without telling the other person they were wrong (I think).


          • Yeah, active listening has not been a huge strength between denominations or between those of different faith traditions. You are probably right that we tend to paint ourselves in a corner, but I’ll add the media is quick to highlight stories of division rather than unity. Part of what I find amazing about WP, is how it brings together such a diverse grouping of traditions, ideas, and insights. Many times we get the church without borders. ๐Ÿ™‚

            • KAPOW!! “Many times we get the church without borders.” Kind of freaky – because that is what drew us bloggers of “Church Set Free” together ((hugs))

  1. I went to the site and looked around, bookmarked it. It sounds very, very interesting! Thanks for the links Brother. I’ve bookmarked LM’s link on You Tube also. I thank God for all the media that makes accessing things like this so available in this day and age!!

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