Midlife Crisis: God’s Way

If you know Sammy, he needs no introduction. If you haven’t come across him before – Sammy is in touch with his God. In a way that always make me think, connects me a little better, and allows me to be as normal and imperfect as I wonder if I should be.

Sammy, who I am privileged to have as a brother in our Lord, writes from the heart (with a very wise head placed atop – and always entwined within).

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Insight-Seeing From Within

In retrospect, my late forties was when it all started. I didn’t know it was a midlife crisis. I thought more along the lines that I had lost my way, I had wandered off the path that God was leading me on but somehow got lost.

I spent so much time trying to get back to the path , it felt like I was stuck in quick sand. I couldn’t have been more wrong about the way I was seeing things.

When I was twenty two I had an experience that changed my life in a big way. I later learned that it was what Christians call being born again. God took over my being, everything was God this, God that, Jesus loves you, Jesus loves me, man Jesus even loves my 8th grade teacher who gave me a failing grade.

I was so full of this new phenomenon in my…

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