That crafted word religion

When I am in love and am “let down” for no reason I can fathom – it hurts!  More than “it hurts” – my very heart feels as though it is being shredded and shredded again.

Some come through that vowing never to be hurt again. Others take up arms against whatever they deem to have caused that pain – usually a goodly (godly?) percentage of the human race. And others tend their pain and find love again.

But when that love is deeper than romance, when that love is a part of you that is ripped and twisted, burnt and discarded – then that same part of you is ripped and shredded too.

Some things should not be ripped. We are not equipped to cope. Family. Soul. God.

And I have yet to find anyone “cope” when using any sacred text simply as a textbook, a manual, an A-Z that when followed religiously (!) will ease my pain – will get me to heaven, paradise, hell, hades, or whatever name you wish to assign (to whatever name you have in mind).

But I do know of believers – of every shade and every persuasion – who think it so. That truth and reason are within a sacred text as fact and evidence.  And always the blame follows. Always the proof or missing proof. The evidence or missing evidence. Always – always – belief as facts and evidence, grounded in pain (or arrogance).

I see damage so often dressed up as seeking and sharing love – as truth – as a discovered purity absent in others.  I see pain (or ego) dressed up in the disappointment of “this failed evidence” – I see the pain shredded again on jagged edges of a sacred text.

So when my pain (or arrogance) is such that I ease my hurt (or my ego) by throwing those jagged edges at others – just how then do I justify my own humanity – for am I not celebrating my absence of love?

Is this a God we imagine – or use?  Is this a God of conditional love we find – or that we craft within our own pain (or ego)?  And just how can this “God” ever be a more loving God than my own limiting craft?

I see religious leaders crafting. I see those who would call themselves the opposite also crafting.  For any and all whose “craft” invites me to hate (dismiss) another is a craft employed by those who would have me reject you over you (in the name of love).

I always ask why. Who would do that?  Who gains from that? And always I find this:

Only people would.

And only people would do that in the name of love and/or a God. And only people would use that crafted word … “religion” … to validate the sales pitch.

I know love and I know God. And through both I know unconditional Love.

I know that religion doesn’t do unconditional love.  Unconditional love needs a different language.  One we should all learn before we die.

And maybe then our individual healing might begin.


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