Do we need our miracles to be sanitised?

Illness: the final frontier. These are the medical trials of the body of science. Its unceasing mission: to explore uncured illnesses, to seek out new remedies and new understanding, to boldly cure where no cure has gone before.

I see the way the Bible illnesses are often dismissed as pre-knowledge. Skin complaints, unclean spirits, lifestyle consequences. All those labels science had yet to unpick and cure. If only they knew then what we know now – would there have been so many miracles?

On Saturday night I sat and cradled a five-year old child. The midnight hour(s). A child racked by coughing. A cough so severe my heart hurt just to hear his body heave with each spasm. I prayed. I prayed for that racking to be removed from his body. I looked into his small eyes and I prayed as hard as I could. And this five-year old just hacked hard again.

“He lived among the tombs; and no one could restrain him any more, even with a chain; for he had often been restrained with shackles and chains, but the chains he wrenched apart, and the shackles he broke in pieces; and no one had the strength to subdue him.” Mark 5:1-20

That well-known miracle (for the man) and death (for the swine): “Legion”. We are in Gentile country. Pigs numbering 2000. The action is in and around the tombs built into the cliffs and hillside.

We have seen similar tombs in Turkey. Impossible constructions in places narely a mountain goat might reach. All that energy and ingenuity to entomb one’s deceased.  Ingenuity we have set aside for something easier nowadays: flat fenced areas with neat lawns and easy access to those who wish to enter. Out of sight for those who don’t.

We pick and choose our ingenuities.

We have separated the body and mind, the intellect and soul. One is for faith the other for science. Faith in science. Faith in God. Ne’er shall the two meet. Except by “faith”. That Great Connector (we so often see as the Great Divide). Faith in beliefs that fence in (and out) our living. Faith that decides what we will and will not allow into the structures we call daily life. That we think of as our “identity”.

On Saturday night as I cradled our wee grandson in the dark, praying for a miracle, all I got was Facebook and Vick.  I use Vick when congested – under my nose or on my chest.  But this Facebook post said (that when a hacking cough would not allow sleep) to rub Vick on the “soles on one’s feet”(??) – wear a pair of socks(??) – that a good night’s sleep would follow(??)

Is that bad science – or good faith in bad science – or just bad faith?

I would love to write how God healed our grandson … how “it was a miracle” this Saturday night … But all I got was Facebook and Vick.  And that is not a miracle.

A miracle is when I hold up our grandson to God and our grandson immediately stops coughing, immediately falls into a deep and peaceful sleep, and awakes the next morning refreshed and cough-free.

And … give or take five minutes … some rubbing of Vick into his feet … a tucking-up in bed … a goodnight kiss … leaving him his teddy … half-an-our listening from our bedroom … his ever quieter going-to-sleep noises …  That is exactly what happened.  He slept-in and was the last to wake on Sunday morning.

And I wonder …

Do we need our miracles to be sanitised, isolated, fenced off (and fenced in)?  Do we need them to be devoid of “science” – that miracles are faith in God, never faith in science?  Because only where science runs out do miracles live. That – just like we split the atom – so we split this as well?

God Soft Hands Jesus drew me back to the verses in Mark … to my memories of tombs in Turkish cliff-faces … people living and working there … life and death co-existing …  physical and spiritual in the same place …  Of messy living as “real life” always is: a cocktail of opposing priorities we make the best out of meeting where “our living” is.

I think God Soft Hands Jesus meets us where we are.  In the “messy places” – the living that makes “separating” things out so impossible most of the time.  I think He met me on Saturday night as I asked for a miracle in my own messy place.

Because that is exactly what happened.


9 thoughts on “Do we need our miracles to be sanitised?

    • Mark, to even make that comment here – you ARE someone very special. Thank you. if I have caught this slowly healing scar – please forgive me.

      As I was writing this post earlier, I had an image of this “Legion” fella – how big he must have been, how strong, how powerful. And once he sat with The Lord, asked to join Him, was told to go home and live with his own, spread the word there … he was STILL that big, strong, powerful man.

      And I wondered – just what impact he must have made – having lived in the light, then the darkness for so long, and then the light again … and that presence!


  1. You know brother, I hope I am not too far off here, but I often think of miracles in this day and age we live in. I have heard so many, too many brothers and sisters state authoritatively that those miracles were just for the beginning of the Christian church and that they don’t happen any more. I am no better than anyone else and in fact lack so much more than others, but I can remember when those who claimed to be Pastors have even told me that my disabilities, my pain is a result of sin; or lack of faith or both.

    Yet I get up everyday, in pain or not and I see God’s miracles each and every day and I am not sugar-coating anything either. I have wondered at this and maybe it is because the Bible tells us that in those things around us, the Godhead, the character of our Heavenly Father is evidenced. So much of His creation is reflected in the natural but we have to open our spiritual eyes and not just the natural.

    The other thing is that I believe, whole-heartedly in the Omniscience of our Heavenly Father. He IS all knowledge, ALL science. He IS the author of man’s search for the why and the how of things. When man is looking for the cures or the reason why of ills, even when they find the cures or understand the reason for the ills, they are still sightless to the miracle of Who it is/was that revealed these things to them. I actually love science because I know where true science resides, man is just trying to catch up and he never totally will until “every knee bows and every tongue confesses!” The very thought that we can “believe” in and have confidence in the hope of things not seen is probably one of the greatest miracles in the natural world for it goes directly AGAINST the natural, but on the other hand totally embraces/encompasses the spiritual where our Heavenly Father dwells “in Spirit and Truth!”

    I’ve said it before, but I mean it sincerely, I love AND appreciate what you “put to paper!” You stimulate my mind, (thank YOU Holy Spirit) and you cause me to remember that no matter the present circumstances, there is a “real” life awaiting us!!

    God bless you brother. Love and hugs to you and yours, in Christ Jesus!


    • Hiya Big Bro – I love your words all over the place! And am struggling to get to them – so have decided to take my time and appreciate your lovely additions as I do get to them.

      And this one is a good ‘un! I wonder if our default position is to “put God in a box” of our own making – to keep Him safe for His own good and ours. Or else why this refusal to see – to accept – to entertain – “Omni”?

      And talking of “bowing knees” – yours are on my mind. My dad went through a phase of being unable to stay in one position for long. It intrudes!

      Back to work – and then to your other words ((hugs))

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