One person at a time

How often in your own community have you met someone who was considering suicide? Who was grieving the death of a child?  Who was living each day with the pain of loss to suicide?  Someone who was divorced, widowed, lonely.  Someone who was transitioning from a man to a woman?  Someone who cut themselves?  Someone who was anorexic?  Someone who believed in a different God to you – or no God – or a denomination you regarded as alien? Someone you thought you had nothing at all in common.  And then found you do – you have – you can.

And (if you have) just how often have you talked to ALL of these unique human beings? Not professionally – not as a job or a vocation.  But just talked as friends. Gently.  Quietly.  Together.

This blogging community does. It is a place where it can be safe (and also unsafe) – where all truly can be welcome (and also very unwelcome).  And where each of these unique human beings lives their own unique story.

And if you have – have you noticed that every unique story has one thing in common: that each and every story is a Love Story.

I do – I have – I am.

I have noticed that no matter the pain or joy, the prosperity or poverty, the spirituality or science, the opposites and commonalities – every story I have shared is a Love Story.

That is why I think this blogging community has great power.

The power to unite. The power to include.  The power to make all feel safe.   Because that power begins with one journey. And that journey begins with just one step – one post – one sentence.  Because the story/the journey – is always of Love.  And Love changes people – it changes me.

And will that “power” change the world?

I used to hope for that – use to calculate the odds of that. Now I don’t.  Now it is much more exciting than that.  Now it is one person at a time.  It is me that is changing.  And that makes it real.  That makes it personal.  That makes it Love every time.

I am journeying right now with someone else in their unique Love Story.  Their story is a story of great power.


Their story is of anorexia, the disease.

So where is the love in that?  Aren’t there loads of blogs on anorexia?  And why call it a disease?  And why is this “story” any different to any other story I could read?

I have just one answer: Why not journey with bbb and find out for yourself?

Isn’t that why you are part of this blogging community – to change and be changed? To find love and share love (or passion or pain or hurt or isolation or rejection or death or confusion) – any of those “labels” we use to hide a love that hurts?

beautybeyondbones: “Read This First”

Can you find the love story?

I am.


3 thoughts on “One person at a time

  1. Hi Paul, my goodness, again, thank you for the kind and affirming words about my blog. Your post got me choked up. You’re right-every story is a LOVE story. There is always love to be found. You have such a gift to be able to find that. Which leads me to my last point: thank you for reading my words with the open mind to SEE the love. You touched on something in your post that is so true and that’s this: there really is a stigma around anorexia, and really all mental illness. So i thank you for seeing past that and approaching my words looking for the love. Sending lots of hugs and love.

    • Dear bbb – thank you. There is a stigma – there seem to be so many stigmas. I wonder how we managed to become so fragile that we need to push away anything and anyone that is perceived as being “infectious” and dangerous. I do not see that in the bible – nor in love.

      Gotta say it again – there is so much beauty in your story (and your blog picture – such mystery, such courage, such sacredness – it wraps all that around your words). You are truly a gift. You have changed me – I think you will change many.

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