On Earth as it is in Heaven

Today I was in Sunday School along with ten others.  The age range was 10 years to 60+ years.  Mark 2:23 -> were the verses: The Sabbath and why.  Nothing special in that. Happens every Sunday.

Now have a look at this picture:   Because we joined together for Sunday School four thousand, and ninety-nine miles (and a bunch of time zones) apart.  Eleven of us. Talking about Jesus, God, the Sabbath and love and stuff. Amazing what two webcams, two microphones, two speakers and the Internet can do.

Fellowship and God.  Law and Love. School and Disciples. Face to face 4,099 miles together-apart. The family prayer went through my mind again …

“Our Father, who art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. On earth as it is in heaven … “

“on earth” four thousand, and ninety-nine miles apart-together “in heaven”.

And this thought went through my mind – again …

Is heaven right here right now?  Because if love is always the answer – what earthly reason would our Loving Father have to with-hold so much joy right now – for Him and each one of us?

(other than we might not have earned it yet)

Because the more I find Love without Condition – the less I yearn to meet our Father when I die. I already have.  Just like I did today.  And the more I do – the more alive I feel.  All that Unconditional Love right now.  Just like today. In Sunday School. Around the same table. Sharing the same God.  Together. 4,099 miles apart-together!

Big thanks to Don Merritt for inviting me, HUGE thanks to this wonderful group for accepting me, and what a truly loving AND living Father we have right here, right now, all day, every day. If we allow. 

18 thoughts on “On Earth as it is in Heaven

  1. I was an amazing time for everyone involved; and the result? In spite of the distance, we are all one in Christ. It’s one thing to say this in theoretical or abstract terms, and quite another to see the reality of it all. Thanks again Paul for joining us, hopefully we can do more of this sort of thing!

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  3. Wonderful! And yes, I say it often – on earth as it is in Heaven. How can we possible get through this life without it? Life should not be a waiting game for the end to come and then….. It is for the now also and then the so much better comes…..


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