Something Wonderful

“Yesterday, we saw and experienced the crucial reality that we really are all One in Christ.
I think I can safely say that this is a very big deal, for all too often this concept never quite makes the transition from abstract to real for most of us; it’s one thing to say it, and another thing to “get it”.
Yesterday, I think we all “got it”.”

This isn’t fan-club stuff, nor a mutual appreciation society. This is the Kingdom in action. Don Merritt has something to say. What he has to say is worth reading. Because it is real stuff. Experiential stuff. God stuff. Right here and now stuff. “Something Special” stuff.

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Yesterday, something wonderful happened, we had a guest join our Sunday morning small group; a guest who was thousands of miles away in a different country with a different accent in a different culture.

This part made the day novel, not wonderful.

What made the occasion wonderful was that he almost immediately was accepted without condition because in every sense of the term he is “one of ours”; “one of us”. Now you must understand that our guest, paulfg, wasn’t accepted as “one of ours” because we all agree on everything all of the time, nor was it because we are all from the same background or denomination, nor do we have the same career or favorite team or anything like that… it is because we all love Jesus Christ and do our best to follow Him.

Yesterday, we saw and experienced the crucial reality that we really are all…

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