A global God

“Yesterday, we saw and experienced the crucial reality that we really are all One in Christ.
I think I can safely say that this is a very big deal, for all too often this concept never quite makes the transition from abstract to real for most of us; it’s one thing to say it, and another thing to “get it”.
Yesterday, I think we all “got it”.”

Yesterday’s small ”flurry” of posts: Don’s ”Something Special” … my “On Earth as it is in Heaven

Skype and God. Skype and global.  Skype and “ministry”.  Reaching beyond geographic barriers.  Allowing God to be bigger than my church, my region, my locality, my good works here.  Allowing God out of the box we so often do not realise we create on His behalf.   That we create for ourselves and call God.

So why the repetition this morning?

Because “a global God” came to me AGAIN yesterday.

In the middle of all the passion of God-stuff locally, a frenetic to-ing and fro-ing of a ministry close to my heart – close to others’ hearts. A ministry which is just “relationship” between us and God and a bunch of youngsters.  A relationship which IS the reality of this unconditional love we call God.  An unconditional love that has touched generations of youngsters on the periphery of their own family life, of their instability, of their searching for their own purpose.  A love of which we may never see the fruits (but have been allowed to see enough to KNOW God touches everyone in His own time).

This is the Bar n Bus. A ministry for which I pray an “Impossible Prayer (or maybe His answer is simply “No Paul.”)

Because there is (right now) a small window wherein funding allows this organisation to continue – and then … maybe – maybe not.  So this is passionate stuff! Urgent stuff.  Important stuff. So we all turn up the passion and seek ways to allow God to remain.  And some see God on a bus, others in a small van – and all we are talking about is “vehicles and their cost” – but we are not.  We are talking about the size of God, the image of God, the real God we each have within (locally … intimately … in this present moment).

And that passion for God results in action. And action is real.  It takes up minutes and hours.  It demands diary time.  It demands life itself.  And I was signing-up with complete passion for six months of action.  I was demanding it on behalf of God, and the voice of God.  God was guiding me in this.  He was very clear.  So clear I did not realise I was hearing me not Him.  So clearly “of God”  that I was not taking anything OUT of an already full diary – I was squeezing yet more IN.  Good stuff.  God stuff.  Passion stuff.  We all “should” do this stuff.  Local stuff.

And from way more than 4000 miles away (this time) came a very small very quiet voice:

“Hello my dear brother in Christ! It’s quite interesting to me that you winced at my words about your overloaded days. That was totally God speaking to you, because I did not want to pen those words. I didn’t want to imply you were doing too much. But I honestly felt God telling me to bring that up. “

And I had written my words to this friend even before committing to six months of saving the world here locally. I had drowned out God because I was so passionate for God.  And this still small voice thundered across all those miles.   A voice that allowed no self-pity.  A voice that allowed no wriggle room.  A voice that reconnected me with OUR God.  The God of unconditional love.  A God whose Son went to the cross with that same quiet voice – a voice that has thundered across time AND geography ever since.

Yesterday’s quiet (thundering) voice came from another part of the world. A different accent.  A different sound.  A different context.  A different concern.  But the same love without condition.

And these past few days – the skype with Don and Sunday School, the fellowship skype we have within Church Set Free, the emails and fellowship from so many miles away and so few miles here locally – all of that – has clarified something I never understood with clarity.

We don’t just need community. We need global community.  We need to be making, being made, with and of disciples in every country – our own and not our own.  We NEED a Global God in our lives every day.

Because locally – we get too close, too comfortable, too passionate, too “noisy”. We go around the same roundabouts and never realise we are on one!  We debate the same priorities without ever realising we are saying yes to something and no to SOMEONE else (usually the same “someone” each time).

Unconditional love is not just “unconditional” – it is a real un-geographical love, is a real un-denominational love, is a real (quite often) un-passionate love.  Unconditional love is not just my local neighbour.  It is my global neighbour.

And skype ticks all those boxes. Skype brings a small group together across geography and time-zones.  It creates safe kitchen tables on screens that are continents apart.  And that global fellowship allows His quiet small voice to THUNDER locally. Because that global voice is not passionate action.  That global voice is God reminding me that …

“When we say “yes” to something, we are inadvertently saying no to something else.”

I was saying yes to something – and inadvertently saying no to real people. Real people I love dearly – who love me dearly.  And unconditional love does not do that “inadvertently”. But I can – so easily!

I have never done this before – but this feels so right … the invitation:

If you have been touched, as I have been touched, by His small quiet voice THUNDERING through another. Another in a different continent – another locality – another global family member – another who loves without condition … If you have been touched as I have been touched and want to hear His voice in others across the globe … then let me know. Come forwards and speak in your own small quiet voice.

By email or skype – around “a kitchen table” together with others – connected not by continent – but by love. His kind of love – His kind of globe.  Add a comment below and I will respond.  He will speak.

Because YOU already know His voice.

5 thoughts on “A global God

  1. That is the key my brother! Go out into the WORLD!!! That was our commission and today, our Heavenly Father, our God Soft Hands Jesus has placed in our hands the tools to do that!!! God bless you for this invitation, so very well put!! Praise the Name of Jesus!! God bless!


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