That God!!

Mental illness. Suicide. Cutting. Depression. Addiction. Divorce. Infidelity. Arrogance. Sloth. Greed. Envy. Poverty. Homelessness. Wealth. Financial comfort. Business. Profit. Talent. Gifted. Team player. Prima Donna. Picky eater. Eat anything. Great with children. Bad with children. Happy. Sad. Motivated. Down in the dumps. Let himherself go. Preens herhimself in front of every mirror. The list goes on. There is no list. Everyone is on someone’s list. There is no list. There is only sinner and saved. Saved and yet a sinner.

I keep reading testimonies.

Testimonies about how people have been hurt, have been rejected, have been told their loved ones are sinners, have been told they are sinners, have been told they are not one of God’s chosen, are told they are not “one of us”.

It is enough to get religion a bad name – or has it already got religion a bad name? And as most people think of God and religion as one and the same, it gets God a bad name – or has it already got God a bad name?

Because we confuse God with godly people. People who talk about God, who speak for God, who are trained in God, who speak as God. They ARE God to another. They are the God who pushes people away. Into Hell. They are the God who sniffs out sin to cast out the sinner. They are the God who demands sacrifice, who awards burden, who expects duty and obligation, who expects so much – who does so little – who gives so little. At least in this lifetime. “That God.” The one with The List. The one who isn’t Jesus.

Because Jesus is good, He is fun, He is light, He is forgiveness. He died for you and me, for Christ’s sake! He is the Good Guy – our Good Guy – in our corner all the way. But at the end of the day – on That Day – it’s not down to Him is it? It’s down to God. That God!  On That day and That God!

So I keep hearing about people who are told they are on The List.

Who are told they are on The List by someone who speaks for God. Someone who speaks AS God. Usually at a time when these people are so vulnerable, in so much pain, so much in need of acceptance … that simply hearing “The List” leaves an indelible stain on their soul. Rips apart the fabric of their life and living …

Mental illness. Of course this is either hereditary or self-imposed. Due to something you have done, or someone in your family has done. Which makes it deserved.

Suicide. Of course now the person has taken life – their own life – they cannot ask for forgiveness so they can never be forgiven. They are in hell. Which is obviously deserved.

Depression. God doesn’t allow depression. Not if you are a good Christian. Obviously deserved.

Cutting? You like your own sex? You mean you even “like sex”? That is on the list as well. Hell awaits. Deserved. Obviously.

I keep hearing about people who are told there is The List. Why?

In God’s name – why?

I keep hearing people say: “This is probably heretical but …” Why?

In God’s name – why?

Why do those who believe they speak for God even think these things? Because I recall a chap called Jesus. He was teaching what we know as the Sermon on the Mount. And I seem to remember He compared murder to feeling anger. I get the impression this Jesus fella sees “those thoughts” to be as devoid of light as “those deeds” themselves. And I know this Jesus fella is the Son of God – born without a sperm in sight – and of God Himself. Which makes Jesus … “That God!”

And if that is true – then how can there be any difference between “That God” and Jesus? Which must mean we have invented (created?) “That God” – and if we have done that, haven’t we also invented “The List“?   That God with That List …

Why would we do that?

I sat and listened to someone who is still hurting after many years. I read the words of someone who is scared to speak honestly – to ask for help from their “brothers and sisters in Christ”. I see many afraid to speak. Many afraid to ask for help from this Loving Family. And each one’s pain is a dagger in my heart.

“Heresy is any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs or customs. A heretic is a proponent of such claims or beliefs.”

Is that is why we need The List and That God.  To counter heresy (which is a sin you know).  To keep things in order for God when he returns to Judge You.  So we can keep you from That Place.  The one where Sinners go.  Because we are The Establishment.  Again.

Jesus is a heretic.

The Pharisees. The scribes. The Sadducees. The Educated Elite. The Ones Who Have Been Chosen. The Protectors of Order. The Gatekeepers. The Established Beliefs and Customs.

He stood “at variance” with the Establishment. He is and was counter-intuitive.

That is heresy. That is Jesus.

And I know this Jesus fellas is the Son of God – born without a sperm in sight – and of God Himself. Which makes Jesus … my God Soft Hands Jesus – and never ever

“That God!”

6 thoughts on “That God!!

  1. God with a list sounds scary. The list. Isn’t it so human to have checks and balances? Imbalances is more like it. I have to admit that I like/love the God who has my son cradled in His loving arms, who threw “that list” out with the birth of Jesus! So why do we cling to lists so easily? When it would be so much easier to let them go and let God!!


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