Prayer request, please …

Someone prayed – and here I am.  Use me, Lord.

We have a very dear relative – close extended family (if that makes sense).

A lovely gentle man. A very “live life full-on” gentle man. A man who is always active. Always doing. Always reaching out to others. He is the husband of my wonderful god-mother. She is a gentle lady. Full of fun. Full of life. Connecting with so many near and far.

And this gentle man went in for tests prior to a knee replacement – and was found to have leukaemia. So he has been having chemo – and is struggling with an infection picked up along the way. An infection that means he is being pumped with antibiotics, that means he has been in the same hospital bed for almost four weeks.

The infection has a name. The medical people cannot understand why the treatment is not shifting this infection. The infection is called cellulitus.

This wonderful gentleman knows: “Something is very WRONG – very WRONG!” Disorientation is one of the symptoms. Yet he knows something is very wrong. His lovely gentle lady wife watches and prays and hopes.

And after four weeks it is wearing on both of them. Very wearing. More chemo to come, more uncertainty, this infection getting in the way of all that.  Draining hope. Draining living.  Both of them are in their eighties. Both of them are fitter than me – usually.

Please lift them up – emotionally, physically and spiritually. The Lord knows them both. Let Him know how much you care for these two wonderful – and so wounded right now – unique creations.

Thank you –



24 thoughts on “Prayer request, please …

  1. Poor darlings. I’d be there holding their hands if I could get to them. I hate that sounding like just another platitude. I got sick of it over almost seven years. You bet I’ll pray, Paul. Tell them not to give up on hope, but to lean on the One who made abundant life a reality. Tell them that, Paul, and a huge hug for you, too, xxxxx


  2. Praying! John 10:10! Speaking Zoe life, wholeness, repair, replacement, rearrangement, infusion of energy, strength and stamina to him and his wife (plus rest of the family), as well as insight and revelation knowledge, spiritual focus from the heart of God for those around him, and ministry in prayer or word to the medical staff, other patients, visitors, etc. while there. Every moment is an opportunity for God to reveal himself through us, wherever we are at the time. (From a recovered cancer patient.)


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