Does God work for me?

I switched on my computer this morning to write this. I do every morning. The computer has a little gremlin deep inside the “doings”. I live with it. I have tried to fix it, a computer guru has tried to fix it, but it is elusive. I have no idea where it is or how to get it out. It’s just one of those things.

Anyway …

I was going to tell you that we recently joined Weight Watchers – my wife and I. We chose the online option. It’s cheaper. You punch in your age, height, weight and “target weight”. What comes back is a daily allowance of “smart points”. We have no idea what smart points are, how they are calculated, or the science behind them. But we have been detailing our eating and food intake according to the simple instructions. And both of us are having to “eat bigger” to use up (anywhere near) all our daily smart points. And those daily points do not include the weekly “piggy points” (as I call them) which are there for those occasional days when you want to empty the fridge (simply because “it’s there!”).  My wife tells me that one of her customers has been doing this for three years and lost loads of weight. And he also has no idea how it works – even after three years.

Oh – and before I forget …

Our son is coming home this afternoon with the second-hand care he recently bought. The hand brake doesn’t work – so we booked him into our garage for a look. He tells us it is one of the “electric handbrakes” with a paddle on the steering column. I have never had a car like that before so we have no idea how that works.  Doesn’t seem to bother our son – all he does is to avoid parking on hills right now.

What has any of this to do with God stuff?

Maybe everything – maybe nothing. Just that we live so much of our lives without understanding the details – the “how”. We spend our lives trying “stuff” – which either works or doesn’t.

And I look back at all the stuff that I would never “in a million years” ever do (like “become my own father”)! Except I now see how comfortably I have grown into a similar persona. I look back on so much stuff I did once – very badly! Stuff I did a second time so much better – having learned how not to the first time.  Like growing into being me at home, at work AND play – to stop trying to impress people – to stop trying to make them think I am worth their time and attention – having found out that simply “being kind” to them and me “works” – all the time.

And more and more I look at this “God stuff” – the stuff we so often see as: The bible is complicated, God is complicated, worship is complicated, arguing with non-believers is complicated, proving God exists is complicated, providing evidence of God for non-believers is complicated. All that “stuff”.

And I find I am chuckling more.

At how “believers” call others “non-believers” – how non-believers call themselves “non-believers”.  Because we ALL live our lives with beliefs we ALL accept without much understanding – a computer, a car, a house purchase, science, government, my own company, this very keyboard, weight watchers, electric hand brakes, God …

Because we cannot prove God, we cannot find evidence for every verse, place and happening in the bible. And others find the evidence missing – and others find it. All these “others” who  research (and all the “others” who recycle the research) – all of them who are proud non-believers or proud believers (or however “that” all works).

So I wonder – more and more – All the good “God Stuff”. The Loving God Stuff. The God of Love that I will never wrap up in religion, will never lose in “church”, will never compromise in what others tell me my God must be or must not be (so long as I do not  damage others or myself).

Why do we so often grind to a halt on “the science” of God – and never move past that to: “Does God (or Love without condition – if I allow) “work” for me?”

We do that with so much else.  Why can’t we do that with God?  Because we are all believers in something.  And those something(s) change.  So why argue all the time?


8 thoughts on “Does God work for me?

  1. “…so why argue all the time?”

    Yeah. And isn’t it really, all the time! I get a bit fed up wiv it, too! Howz our prayer people? The two you recently wrote about? Just asked coz I care, xxxxxxxxxx


  2. This was a great post. I like your way of wording things so we can follow along, like going on a treasure hunt!
    I agree with your thinking here. ..we all do believe in something right?
    And all the best for you and your wife on WW…lots of people do very well on it.
    Peace out…


    • Selah, thank you! At a logical level I puzzle about all the arguing. At a loving level I am confused, and at a spiritual level (of the universal kind – the “what’s it all about” level) I am even more confused. 🙂

      And thank you for your good wishes. His timing is so “timely” for so many reasons unspoken here! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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