An invitation to pray for another

“Paul, I continue to pray for your friends and know that whatever the outcome that God’s wisdom and love prevails. Now, I have a request of you and others who are prayer warriors who come by this post…please pray for my husband who is having hip replacement surgery next week. He has other health issues that are bothersome, as well. We could both use prayers at this time. Thank you, Friend! Love and hugs…
Dale, Brandon’s Mom”
In the wake of suicide….trying to understand

An invitation to pray.  An invitation to Love Without Condition that we call God.  An invitation to breathe into another (in this case).

For Love Without Condition never will – unless uninvited. Love Without Condition will never force “love” on another, will never force “you must believe”, will never insist you will be healed, that you must live, that you will do what I say – when I say it – and how I say it..

But when we invite? When we desire? When we allow … ?  Then Love will because Love is.

So a prayer request for Dale and her man – for Love Without Condition, love that connects, love that invites – love that is our sister in Christ connecting and allowing.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “An invitation to pray for another

  1. Paul, my grateful heart is full. I am blessed to be able to turn to others for prayer and to know that each word is being lifted on our behalf. This is a most basic tenet of “to love one another” for certain. Thank you and to those who pray. Love and hugs, Dale…Brandon’s Mom

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