Three Here, One Home

Here in the UK, Mothers’ Day was back in March. So I never expected to be re-blogging a “Mothers’ Day” post in May. But I never expected to read a post like this one – nor see comments like those written below this post.

So I hope Mark does not mind me re-blogging his words and pictures. Because they touched me through Love – they may touch another through Loss and Love.

Thank you –


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A Generous Helping

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers! Even though I know this day will bring some pain, I wish an especially joyous day to the wonderful lady I helped to become a mother. I have never seen a better one. I have also never seen one cry so much and although I am not the cause of (most of) the tears, I am sorry for that.

Please allow me a moment to brag on my wife. We have never had a large budget, but whatever she could invest, she put into building our home – not the physical structure but the walls of love that hold us up. Home has always been a safe place for our girls – a refuge. It is a place where they feel free to be themselves. They played pretend, dressed up, built blanket forts, made crafts, held concerts, snuggled, read, stayed in jammies…

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