The everywhere God we worship

A distant family member (both in miles and regular contact) is seriously ill right now. A car crash. A while ago. Still critical. I know because a family friend had been posting updates on Facebook, and had tagged others who are on my Facebook friends list. And once I added a comment of thanks and prayers I was “connected” and now see regular updates as they are posted.

Replying to an email this morning I made the comment that “even Facebook” is a blessing sometimes. “Even Facebook” with so much vitriol, personal attacks, throw-away-insults – the best and worst of the internet age – “even Facebook” is a blessing.

And then came to my daily Facetime with the Lord after a weekend of full-on grand-parenting. Two-and-a-half days that continued through night-feeds (and teething), and began again with barely twenty-winks.  Normal Facetime with the Lord?  No way!!

But “Facetime” through our grandchildren … ?  Through the smiles and tears, through the joy and weariness, through being so entwined in the gift of young life. Life yet to become “sophisticated” … “ungrateful” … all grown up  … all “what about me” that we develop so successfully.  That IS full-on beautiful God!

So this morning – back to my usual “Facetime with the Lord”.  And this is what He gave me (for not reading my bible for two whole days, and for not going to church yesterday, and for not finding time for God the whole weekend) …

“God and I have many unexpected conversations in daily life, especially at the grocery store. God comes to me in the lobby, the produce aisle, over by frozen foods, and last week, in the parking lot. I was returning to my car, trying to ignore the gray, bleak day — another in a long line of chilly non-spring days. With the season weeks behind schedule, everyone wants spring and the warmth, flowers, and promise of new life it brings.

As I pushed my cart across the parking lot, I was startled to see the car next to me. Nestled at the windshield was a large bouquet of flowers. Flowers! Beautiful spring blooms tied with a bright blue ribbon. There they were, just waiting for owner to return to the car and discover them.

Who were they from? Who were they for? I drove home imagining the joy that someone had planning, buying the bouquet, and leaving it. Was the giver waiting a few rows of cars away to watch the reaction? Was there a note with it, of apology or perhaps a declaration of love? I could picture the joy and sense of being loved that the driver would feel to return to the car on this cold and overcast day and find a spring surprise.

I am always looking for a more direct communication with God, like a phone call or a letter saying how loved I am or what I should do with a problem. I got home wishing that God sent flowers and realized that, of course, he does. They are in the grocery store, on the windshield, and now even peeking out from the ground in our gardens.”
By Maureen McCann Waldron on dotMagis, the blog of

WOW!!  It wasn’t just me then, God?  Thank you  ((hugs))  🙂

And once again I am reminded of that line from The Shack: William P Young –  “I can only be with you in the present.”

This moment, this fragment, this fragment of eternity …until we stamp all over them and stitch them up. Until we blend them seamlessly into one “whole” that is never enough: Never enough “time” – never enough “hours in the day” …  Always prioritising.  Always sifting.  Always bemoaning “time’s” ever faster “passage of time”.

The greatness of man!

The “if only I had the time” … the “well, the next time I am free is … “, the “we must get together some time …”, the “my diary is crazy right now …”   The pressure of time, the burden of responsibility to the clock, my schedule, my to-do-list, all the routine of daily living.

We take a “fragment of eternity” and create time.  And then we are saved and talk of a time when there is no clock – when we are with the Lord for all eternity!

“I am always looking for a more direct communication with God, like a phone call or a letter saying how loved I am or what I should do with a problem.”

Isn’t every fragment of eternity simply that “direct connection”?

Because I have found that God does not JUST do my scheduled Facetime, my emails and instant messaging or telephone calls. My experience of God is that He IS IN Facebook, and grandchildren and everywhere in everything.  My experience is that God does not “do” church, the bible, or even today’s quiet-time Facetime .. not unless I allow Him in these as well.

“Even Facebook is a blessing”?  That phrase says so much about me.

About how much “God” I miss in so many fragments I call “time”. About how much God I miss in others when He brings them into my living.  About how I pencil God into a few  fragments of my life – and block Him out of the rest.  About how much I allow my clock to stitch me up (and I do so often).  And about – ironically – how I can write this post and still be watching the clock!

The Good News?  My experience of Unconditional Love is that God does not hold that against me – just as we don’t with our grandchildren – nor they with us.  Just as the flowers don’t – as we don’t with flowers. My experience is that God doesn’t – not even for one second (!!)

And if we can’t get that – how will we ever have direct connection (relationship?) with the EVERYWHERE God we worship and praise (usually once) each week?

8 thoughts on “The everywhere God we worship

  1. “About how much “God” I miss in so many fragments I call “time”. About how much God I miss in others when He brings them into my living. About how I pencil God into a few fragments of my life – and block Him out of the rest. ”

    Amen! What you’re saying here is transformational. Just think…God actually wants an on-going relationship with us! I’ve found that when I stop treating Him like my therapist, my life becomes much richer and more fulfilling.

    Great thoughts. Blessings, bro. 🙂


    • Hi Mel – “treating Him like my therapist” – brilliant!! But so true so often.

      “My life becomes much richer and more fulfilling.” just like getting out of the boat and not looking down, or back, with trepidation: trust (or faith?) is necessary. And without relationship that may never ever happen.

      Thank you ((hugs))

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