Being in balance

On our television screens the other night a programme caught my attention: The Truth About Healthy Eating (apologies if that link does not work ex-UK)

The programme took a number of “accepted” health “knowings” and put them to the test. Like smoothies packed full of anti-oxidants … like vitamin boosts … daily supplements … “super foods” … that kind of thing.

And in each case the “additive” to make us healthier was defeated by our very own bodies. The very body we were trying to help worked hard to expel “it” as fast as it could!  It seems that our bodies are designed to be “in balance” (who would have thought!).  So when we “know better” and disrupt that balance, our body cranks up the output of urine/sweat/faeces to move “it” along as fast as it can.  Seems that all we need to do is to eat a “balanced diet” and we give our bodies what our body needs: “balance”.

Which makes perfect sense (but is obviously too simple). Because if our bodies weren’t designed that way – the human race would have died out a long time ago.

And then I bumped into this post: The Self Help Sham, beautyandbones  The “accepted” mind health “knowings” industry.

BandB has practical experience of putting these “to the test”. And finds them lacking. Finds them to be “out of balance”. Certainly a leg-up, certainly an aid, certainly a crutch – and certainly of value at some point. But to achieve “balance”? BandB does not see them as the answer. Something else I would agree with (having chased “the answer” in books and courses over previous decades).

It seems that our mind, body, AND soul was designed to be “in balance”. Certainly it is what we all crave, all seek, and (so often) spend a small fortune (that we cannot afford) trying to achieve. The “look good, feel good, live good” mantra.

And so often we get one out of three – or maybe two out of three – and still feel inadequate – still feel a disappointment to the human race – still feel “out of balance”.

Hello “God stuff”!

Doesn’t work for everybody, didn’t always work for me. And as man-made “religion” it still doesn’t work for me. The man-made God Stuff is so often just more of our “accepted” God “knowings” that we like to add to our spiritual diet. The additives (the “million £ god industry”?) which so often causes our “spiritual bowels” to go into overdrive!  And which – after ingesting – we feel so much worse than before.

So – for me – just as with a balanced diet, the “spiritual side” of living is becoming very simple as well.

Love. Without Condition. Inwards and outwards. Relationship. Without fear. Inwards and outwards. Provided for. Without material yearnings. Curiosity. Without “baggage”. Freedom. Of thought and mind.

And, in my case, a lot of God Soft Hands Jesus, a lot of God O’Clock, a lot of pebbles and ripples, a lot of kindness and joy, a lot of being kind. Inwards and outwards.

And if my God is proven (!) to be an invention?

I would do the same all over again. I would recommend the same all over again. I would be “in balance” again and again and again. For just as the body will work to be in balance, so will I with my God.

I will ingest your good intentions, your earnest advice, your religious leanings, your religious rantings, your religious offence. And I will achieve balance. And just as my body will vomit out something poisonous and toxic – I may vomit back toxic teachings.

So please accept my soul doing what my soul needs – just as my body does what my body needs. Because we all are different.  We are all unique.  And we are all the same.  Which means the spiritual diet for some is NOT the spiritual diet for all (just take a look at falling church numbers and that “knowing”).

Because I was designed – I was created – to be in balance.  And – as simple as it is – my diet of my God in my way brings that balance. So I promise not to feed you toxic teachings – no matter how different or similar we might appear – all I ask of you is the same.

Because as a human race – our diversity AND difference IN our sameness IS our balance.


9 thoughts on “Being in balance

  1. We so need balance in every area of life. The extremism in so many areas has created unnecessary conflict. God is a God of balance and calls us to be people of balance. There’s so much more I want to say. You started my mind stirring 😀.


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