On being a rock star

Detail details details. Still the details. Still the ordinary. Still the word of The Word in a word.

Twenty verses. Luke 10:1-20 (found here).  And a “blossoming rock star” summation: ‘Lord, in your name even the demons submit to us!’

We have the power. We are the force for good. We are Star Wars. We are Masters of the Universe. We are Super Heroes and Heroines. What outfit should I wear to distinguish me? What should “my handle” be?  What will my signature miracle become? Where are my followers? Are you for me or against me because I am of God?  I am a Christian!  We are Christians!  And we will save your world for you! We will save you in the name of Jesus … Look At Us!

How easy. How attractive. How appealing. How human.

Celeb ministers. Famous speakers. Sought after healers.  Great crowds. Feted and inflated by those seeking entry to “the bubble”.

And Jesus. So ordinary. So none – of any – of all – of “that”.

None of that celeb stuff. None of that fame stuff. None of that payback stuff. The stuff that comes with crowd control. Crowd adoration. Crowd worship. Crowd pleasing.

So ordinary.

‘I watched Satan fall from heaven like a flash of lightning. See, I have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing will hurt you. Nevertheless, do not rejoice at this, that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.’

The Giver of Life. The Creator of all Creation. The Love of Unconditional Love.

I can find no rock star lifestyle. No celeb entitlement. No fame “bubble”. Just ordinary. Grounded. Connected. Included.

It reminds me of something someone dear holds dear to them. Something they ask in a new church on a fresh Sunday. Something they ask of those looking up at them.  Something we rarely ask of ourselves as we suit up and boot up and turn up to our seat in our church each Sunday:

“Why are you here? Who is your relationship with?”

Because I see “God rock groups” shared with breathless wonder. I see “God book writers” shared with hushed awe. I see “God rock stars” in the bubble of privilege. I see each of us tending this aura of esteem, patching any holes of clay feet, switching off any fiscal common sense, caught up in the excitement of celeb presence, caught up in the Presence of Greatness.  Greatness we try to touch – be near – greatness we want for ourselves by proxy (until we make the real thing happen).

And I see Jesus.

And I begin to understand His repeated plea with all those healings, with all those miracles, with all those show-stoppers large and small:  “Don’t tell anyone, don’t broadcast this, don’t become a minor celeb, don’t become a rock star in your home town, don’t seek the bubble, don’t be tempted by the bubble, don’t become the centre of the bubble.”

And I wonder …

Just who is my relationship with – just who is your relationship with – and just who is our relationship with?  And why does that thought even arise this Sunday morning …

If I have my eyes on God Soft Hands Jesus … if I follow God Soft Hands Jesus … if I emulate God Soft Hands Jesus?

NB: I was given one God-celeb as a fine example of living as Jesus would have lived: “They don’t even own their own car!”  And I found myself thinking: Nor does royalty because everyone rushes around seeing to their needs.  I have a car. The person telling me this has a car. Might that be because no one rushes around “seeing to our every need” (or is that me being sceptical again)?

6 thoughts on “On being a rock star

    • Hiya Ark and thank you for popping by. Looked at the title of the post – then remembered your love of music! Thank you.

      “GSHJ” is a personal name, a “nickname”, a name which – for me – works better than the “standard names” assigned to “God”. I find the “standard names” have too much baggage added/expected. And that doesn’t work for me so much. So what does “God Soft Hands Jesus” mean?

      To me – a lot. It is my personal choice of name for someone I choose to love (and if you want to kick that one about again – I have never had the armoury of evidence needed to prove – nor will I ever have the evidence to prove “God’s existence”). Because everyone I love is a very personal choice – a choice not usually shared by many others! And each one I love has a personal name – and each name has intimacy and personality.

      But to anyone else? Without that relationship and love – not very much at all. 🙂


      • No kicking. We both know where we stand. I just wondered what it meant as I thought if you were seriously referring to Jesus I imagine as a carpenter, his hands would be rough as …. and excuse me for saying this …hell.


        • Thank you – that means a lot. I love how we each imagine different things. My imagination is to do with the nails. I imagine “soft open hands” and piercing nails. Different kind of carpentry!
          But now my imagination has another tactile layer – the rough as (thank you for your courtesy) hell hands – the soft open hands for those nails!
          Putting the two together … and those are Some Hands! I like that a lot!

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