Feet of clay embraced and washed

What is “the bubble” of celeb actually about? What is this need we seem to have for elevating (no matter how briefly) those we respect (no matter how cosmetically)? And why do we bring them crashing down again on a whim?

Why do we seek out our candidates for our pedestals – the places we reserve for anyone who is “better” than us – who is “inspirational” – who is “a leader” – who we can “look up to” (and why do we pull them down again so thoughtlessly – so callously – so brutally)?

The clip from Facebook yesterday – the bible study with Justin and Liz … ?

I spent some time reading through other posts on the Archbishop FB page. One post in particular caught my attention. It was a clip of the Archbishop wishing a happy Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating the end of Ramadan in the UK and around the world. The reason for pausing on this one? The comments added below.

There were many comments which were not just critical, not just aggressive, but bordering on offensive and abusive. And the gist of those comments?

This is the reason “Christianity” is weak, wishy-washy, on the descendent, letting God down, sucking up to the Muslims, connecting with those who do not believe the true faith!  And the human being – the sacred human being who is simply doing a job with the title of Archbishop to the best of his and Gods’ ability … Is letting “us” down in the process!  There were complimentary comments – but the volume and style of “criticism” surprised me.  A few wrote that if a Muslim cleric had broadcast the same good wishes to Christians for a “happy Lent” they would be stoned!  All very them and us.

Apparently “they” see “us” as “weak” if we wish them “Happy Eid”.  They see “our” religion “sucking up” to “their” religion.  And the “strongest religion” sucks up to nothin’ and nobody!  Hell no!!

And so to this morning’s verses (from the true faith – the “real” God – our God and our Bible – the ONLY religious text worth reading – the one “they” don’t want “us” to share):

“Jesus said, “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” “ Matthew 11:28-30

I do get weary. I do carry burdens. But that has nothing to do with “God stuff”.

My weariness is from work stuff, family stuff, financial stuff, friends and relationship stuff, diary commitments stuff … even “the dog” stuff from time to time!   That is just living.  But that – I think – it is the same mindset we take into all this God Stuff.

Being a Christian? I will be scorned, despised, laughed at, I will be trivialised! Oh my God!! How will I live a normal life? Sharing the Good News with others? ? I will be scorned, despised, laughed at, I will be trivialised! Oh my God!! How will I live a normal life? Being “nice” all the time? Ditto. Forgiving people all the time? Ditto. Not having fun like others? Ditto and ditto again!   Oh my God how can I carry all these burdens?

And so – as with non-God Stuff – we seek those who can heal.  Those who will tell us it is okay, that we are okay, that we are good, that we should, that we can – that We Will (but we never ask how they did and we haven’t).

And we don’t want “them” to be like “us”. That pricks the bubble. And if they ever dare to be human – to be like us – to be ordinary … ?  We will pull them down and hang them high!  How dare they let us down.  And (if it is God Stuff) how dare they let God down!  How dare “they” not stay perfect in the perfect bubble “we” created for them!

I think we do the bubble thing all the time with “Christianity” as well as “normal living” (and why are the two separate?).

I think we have this “perception” of what “it” is. And when “it” (by which we really mean “God”)  strays from our “perfect bubble” – we tear “them” down – by which we really mean “Church” and “religion” and God.  Because how dare they promise so much and then take it away?  How dare they leave us feeling worse than before!

Anyone in any “bubble” can do that to us.  Us who are also Christian.  A “bubble” kind of Christian.  So we tear “them” (and God) down and hang them (and God) up high.  Because nobody messes with me and my God!

And we call that “burden”.  We call that sacrifice.

And just what does God Soft (and rough and calloused – wow!) Hands Jesus’ say about all the “creation of weirdness” we all do so often?  What is his verdict on this “feet of clay” imperfection in others that we ignore (and then destroy) … ?

“Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

GSHJ is not phased by any of this.  GSHJ simply wants to heal, to connect and to lift each of us from our self-destruct wallowing.  GS(and rough and calloused)HJ pours love and lightness on our loathing and darkness.  No perceptions required.  No perfection required.  Feet of clay embraced and washed.  No bubble required.   No pedestal required.  Just me as I am.  Always just as I am. Period.

And that is why this “ordinary” stuff is so important.

That is why I am important.  That is why I am ordinary.  And that is why God has to be ordinary.  Otherwise where is the relationship?  Where is the love?  Where is our connection?

And just where is our God?

1 thought on “Feet of clay embraced and washed

  1. I like this topic very much Paulfg. I’m not a big celeb follower and am wary of the cult of personality– but even so I have my vices. I alway say to my husband Pier Jesus, “You can have two vices. More than that and it gets ridiculous!”


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