When Jesus Calls Customer Service

The six-foot bonsai is not the first name I would think of for a blog. Which goes to show how much I know. The words in this post are gentle and captivating. Which does go to show how much I know! 🙂

Have a read and see what you think. Thank you.

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image“Should I turn my ice makeroff at night?” the frail voice at the other end of the phone inquired.

“I don’t think so. Why would you want to?”

Without giving the lady time to answer my question I attempted to control the call.

“Do you happen to have the model number for your refrigerator ma’am?”

I knew the answer to her ice maker question didn’tdepend on the model but I was required to ask for it by process. And while I secretly hoped the old woman would tell me to go to hell so that I could get off the phone faster and meet my handle time goals, she did no such thing. For the next several minutes she proceeded to perform what sounded like geriatric gymnastics in an attempt to read the tiny numbers imprinted on a tag inside her fridge which as it turned out was older than…

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