I’ll sit with you in the dark

Don Merritt posted in Church Set Free, and then The Life Project, a post called: I Don’t Know What to Say!

The phrase “the ministry of presence” was introduced.  I know about presence.  I am no minister but I know about presence.  I know about silent hugs.  I know about “being there”.  I know how powerful that can be – both to give and to receive.

Don used these words: “It is more about a caring face, than golden phrases; it is more about connection and less about reason.”

Don talks about the presence of God Soft Hands Jesus in each one us “present” with others.  That we bring Christ with us.  That got me.  That is more powerful than simply a human connection.  Don’s post touched me (twice).

But how to demonstrate how powerful “this” can be in the bright light of a sensible and busy day?  How to “get it” when there is no apparent need – when no one is crying, weeping or grieving?  How to get beyond reason … ?

YouTube is a cool place to find “sideways looks” at something sensible. 

Hugh Hollowell gets beyond reason …


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