Disbelieving Church: Structures

Reblog day it seems! This one is another in the series “Disbelieving Church” by Bluestocking Reflects:

“The closer a given congregation or ecclesiastical structure is to decay, decline or death, the less likely they are to put the needs of those outside their walls (real or metaphorical) ahead of their own urgent need and desire to survive.”

If you enjoy thinking – this one is for you.

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Bluestocking Reflects

In my Introduction to this series on Disbelieving Church, I offered this disclaimer about the meaning of the word “church”:

“I am well aware that the word “church” in many people’s minds should refer to a community of believers/Jesus followers, not an institution or a building. Unfortunately church as it exists today, at least in my experience, is firmly grounded in institutions and buildings, and the communities of believers that occupy these structures are shaped by these buildings and the larger institutions of which they are a part. With the culture of church we have inherited, the connection and resultant influence is inevitable.”

In this post I wish to reflect on the structures and assumptions around which the popular “Western” construct of “church” is built. My thoughts are clearly coloured by my Baptist background, but I suspect some of these reflections will have wider applications.

In various forums, but usually on Facebook, I have occasionally…

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