A blameless life

A Blameless Life …

I had no choice
I truly believe
(as I made my choice)

That I chose to choose
I will never believe
(as I chose to choose)

You left me no choice
Is the fact in this matter
(as I still choose to believe)

I had to do it
It’s not my fault
(I had no choice of which belief to believe)

He made me do it
The rest is just bullshit here
I had no choice
Should not even be a question here

I had no choice
He made this happen
He made me do it
And now he is dead.

It’s not my fault.
Is not in doubt.
Can’t you all see
What this is really about?

… The End


“This seems to be the week for living words! This word “blameless”.
Always me living a life that is pure, loving, beyond reproach from others, like as in being a “good Christian” blameless living.
Then just now that word shifted massively. Blameless just went personal: I will live without blaming others. I will live without excusing myself because of others’ actions. I will take ownership of every decision and choice I make. I will live nakedly before God and (perhaps more importantly) before myself.
This one has shaken me to the core. Never seen that before.  Thank you.”

My comment under:
Don Merritt: The Life Reference: Love, Justice and Our Response


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