To be productive for God

“Look around … show up … get out of the way.” Don Merritt: the Life Reference

Was profound when Don wrote those words.  Yet – with the passage of time and the reinstatement of my own wisdom(!) – seems somewhat random.

Aren’t we supposed to be productive for God?  Aren’t we meant to discern His plan for each of us?  Isn’t this “look around and show up business” tainted with out our personal “God-template overlay” of us telling God what we will do (which is the same as He would tell us if He knew us a little better)?

And how do we stay “productive” rather than just doing what we want?

I remember a conversation with a Youth Minister one time.  He couldn’t decide if he wanted to take a handful of his personal flock “deep and deeper still in the Lord” – or whether to grow his flock in numbers.  I remember thinking that perhaps the Lord this minister “served” – even the young creations building their own relationship with the Lord he served – might have something to contribute.

We all have “wisdom reinstatement”.  It’s how we are made.

And today the Methodist lectionary readings focus on “waiting for the Lord”.  And we will be talking about “active waiting” (as opposed to our preferred inactive waiting). We will be talking about living rather than atrophying.  About being alive more and more – rather than being static more and more.  But …

How to make that vibrant.  Powerful.  Connecting.  Personal.  God-breathed … ?  How to make that … fun … bountiful … rich … real … ?  How to make that all that we praise, worship and preach?

“This summer, in the midst of my summer retreat, I spent some time contemplatively watching bees, their heads nestled into the center of pretty yellow and purple flowers. At that point, I was discerning how to direct my time in the upcoming year. I have many interests and obligations, a lot of energy, and yet also a deep need for contemplation. I want my life to be generative and “for the greater glory of God”. Yet, how to choose?”
Following Our Deepest Desires Like the Bees Marina McCoy

Who shares how following our deepest desires like the bees can be a helpful approach to discernment: “God’s invitation to me was to go to particular activities where I am drawn and to let go of my concerns about where I am being productive.” 

“Look around … show up … get out of the way.”  Has again become profound.

This is the word of our Lord. Thanks be to God.


3 thoughts on “To be productive for God

  1. Great post Paul, I think we all ask these questions, whether we want to admit it or not; I do. One thing that helps me is to recall that when I said “look around…” it was within a very specific context, and many times I have to be reminded what that context was… do you remember it? 🙂


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