Wrestling with issues of faith

The experience described in this (linked) post may be too important to leave to sit in just one blog. And as I wrote the post that comment might be expected. Except for one thing –

My God Soft Hands Jesus took me to another place. Tied up a whole bunch of loose threads. Put love and what we have in common ahead of dogma and what drives us apart. And isn’t that what love is all about – what God is all about?

Please click on the link and see what you think. Thank you –


Church Set Free

Did you realise that every global faith has something really important in common with every other global faith? Every global faith has at its core (something akin to) “love your neighbour as yourself”. It’s the God bit which gets messy. The God definitions, size, shape, genealogy, and all that “stuff” – that is where faith falls out with faith. But at the core of each faith is that we should each love each other as ourselves.

Who would have thought!

A UK children’s charity: Barnado’s  has put together a “faith toolkit” resource to support schools dealing with bullying – specifically with regard to different sexualities and faith/religion dogma (for more information and contact details click here)

As part of a local UK Christian conversation we were asked to look at different “challenges” and rank them in order of “difficulty – which scenarios would be least/most comfortable (or not).  Our small…

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