A Prayer

I am in this Sanctuary. A place of safety. A place of comfort. A place of harmony. A place of balance.

I look beyond these walls.

I look far above. I rise through this thin veneer we call the Earth’s atmosphere. I cannot breathe.

I rise further. I am not warm. I am freezing. I cannot breathe.

I rise further.

I see this planet, this gathering of friends, this place of perfect balance, this quiet sanctuary. Now so far away. So distant.

So wondrous. So filled of God.

And as my body slowly dies I sense life. I feel life. I see life all around.

Without breath or heartbeat I am as one with the infinite.

Light-years become moments. Distant stars and galaxies become as different flowers and plants in this garden without beginning, this garden without end.

My body, this temple that I spend years nurturing. This “physical clothing” I preen and fuss over. This “collection of flesh” I live my whole life exploring – feeding – exercising – protecting – worrying over …

And now floating in this new “garden without end” – in this place I looked at from below and saw only dots and pinpricks of stars – a place of infinite names other had named – names I could never remember – a place we all KNEW was so hostile to life – a place we would never go without protecting the life we have – the life we know – the life we value – the life we ALL fear losing …

I am now in this “hostile place” in perfect contentment. I am as one in this place of life and beauty. And I look back and see each of us here – in this moment – in this brief few minutes of worship …

And I love you.

Each one.

Fully and without condition.

No longer how you look, how you sound, your voice, your laughter, your tears. No more mine.

No more your status, your experience, your qualifications, your titles. No more mine.

Now without our doubts, our certainties, our opinions, our hopes, all “the details” with which we fill our days. All the days we worry. All these days we frown. All the times we look down and in. And despair.

I am here. I am now. I am in this very moment and place. I am as one of One in the One who is All.

For I am in this place without life – this hostile universe – this infinite question mark of our creation …

And I have NEW life. A breathing IN and a breathing OUT of love … of life … of balance … of wonder … of awe … of love without condition … of love without beginning … of love without end …

A love which gives without demand.

A love without logic … without fear … without any boundary we “crave”, we “need”, which we always “impose”.

And as I slowly sink back through the light-years of space and time …

As my vision fills again with this “spit of dust” we see as the centre of our creation – this ball of dust we name our Earth …

As I feel again the weight of our atmosphere … as this perfect body of physical flesh once again warms … as I am once again fuelled with this (perfect balance) of the breath of life …

As I once again return to this Sanctuary.

I find I am filled to overflowing.

I ooze something more sustaining than this life of breathing in and out … in an out … in and out. This life of my heart slowly beating … beating … beating … to a final stop. This temporary home which is all we yet know …

Yet this wondrous home of perfect balance and sanctuary. This place we should be proud to call “home” – we must be proud – we must call home. My home. Your home. Our home. A gift of beauty as well as pain. A gift of love as well as anger. A gift of bounty and abundance as well as famine and drought. A place we take for granted. A gift we think a burden.

I am of One. I am in One. I am of One and He is of me. I cannot be contained. I cannot be constrained. I cannot be defeated. I have enough for all. I have more than enough for this whole world we call home.

I look around this place we call the Sanctuary … and I find sanctuary IS me.

Wherever I go is safe. Whoever I meet is balance. Wherever I am is life. I am an energy so great I can yet comprehend a sliver, a dot, a molecule. I am a life so full I glimpse a part and not the whole.

And I sit here.


I am of balance. I am in perfect connection. I am in awe of the wonder of my being. In Him. Of Him. As One of One in One. Always. In every moment I choose to be as One.

And my lips mouth words from within.

Words of comfort. Words of knowing. Words of a love without beginning or of end …

Our Father
Who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, IS the power, IS the glory.
For ever and ever.

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