If you could change one person …

If you could change one person – just one …
Who would it be?
If you had the choice of how that person could be –
What might you see?
If you could make this one change and perhaps change the world –
Who would you choose?

Allow me, kind sire, a moment to scan
All of history – all the great names – the good and the bold …
Who might of all improve the lot of this poor world –
Who, with a change of mine, would bring ever more gain?

Although I hear your wish to be correct in all things,
I must hurry you my dear friend. Others are waiting –
Others are needing – others who may also change one other.
So tell me now, what name will your lips utter?

Upon reflection I find one name above all
One name I know will make a difference.
One name who would be glad – nay, overjoyed.
That one name is me, kind sire, that is who I desire.

A wise choice, my friend, the best of all.
And what is your change – the change you may?

I have but one. A small request.
I wish to love without condition.
To love without need.
To love freely and with abandon.
To love each as they are.
Where they are.
Who they are.
Make it so – I beg you now.
Make me love all in all for all.

Alas my friend that I cannot do.
That one change is beyond my power to grant.

What then the purpose of this “one wish to make”?
Are you a tease mere come to hurt?

In no way that could I ever be.
But loving all is within you already –
You gain no benefit of “tweaking” by me.
Loving all is within you now
(you don’t even need a how).

The End.

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