Uncontainable Cough

“The reason why I write on this blog is because there are many individuals, who like me, have been a Christian for so long, yet God seemed so far away!”

Melinda writes with a disarming lack of anything but honesty. This post about “church and serving” brings that same real. And puts jargon in the background and relationship with God and people right in the heart of her words.

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Godly Stewardship

For some time now my attitude towards serving at church have been half-hearted. I was paralyzed with pride, and my ego controlled my emotions. I’m part of the worship ministry, which is a wonderful ministry and I am blessed to be a part of it. However, I have been clouded with blindness, and as a result, my attitude to serving Him in this capacity is very self-centered. I did not want to give my best to God and the church.

Last night, on the drive to worship rehearsal (held at church), I kept on coughing. It wasn’t a normal “flu-like” coughing becuase it was SO persistent, continuous and it would not stop!!! It was SCARY and dangerous! I was driving for about 2 km and at that point something in my heart said “this is not of God!”. So I said out loud with authority: “In the Name of Jesus…

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