Imagine the power

When you write a post for your own blog, the “reblog” button for a linked blogsite is always tempting. Usually I resist that pull. You are worth more than seeing “my” great words plastered as far and wide as I can plaster them. And more than that, writing about God is about Him – not me. His guidance not my ego. His words through me. No humility on my part – just a loving relationship.

And then occasionally He calls for a reblog. He suggests. He invites. And I always have to double-check (well – triple or quadruple-check usually): “Is this me or is this You?”

This morning He called, and I have been delaying as I did the quadruple-check. Yet He still nudged “Yes please”. So a reblog of a post He and I have just done for “Church Set Free”.

I hope He guides you as He guided me.


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Church Set Free

I have recently made a decision. For me it was massive.  For a very small number it was big.  For others it was just another decision.  But the entire world, minus a small handful, was blissfully unaware.

In this online community of followers, questioners, doubters, and followers of something else I have only now realised something even more important. That the community of our Father “here” just might be connected more than the community of local church here.  And that I take for granted others in this online community will hear God guiding my guiding – that they will be tuned in to my guidance in their own guidance – that the Lord really does speak through others to speak to us.  And I only realised how much I take all that for granted here – because of the absence of any in local church life here.  Apart from one who spoke.

Take it…

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