The mystery of God … really?

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Church Set Free

When we “give up” on someone important to us it is (almost) never in a flash – an instant – a hundredth of a second event.  It is (almost always) a slow creeping thing.  A trying, a realisation of trying, trying some more, a realisation of trying some more, and so on.  And we change as well as “them”.  Whatever the change in our relationship that caused me to need to try in the first place – that changes both me and the other.  And maybe someway further down that realisation and change – when nothing “changes” – we give up.

That hurts.  Each and every time that hurts.  I know of some who look at relationships and question “is it me?”  I know of some who look at relationships and wonder why they always attract the “wrong ones”.  And I see a lot of those who begin a relationship and then…

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