We could never do that

Our Lord and Father has given me three posts back-to-back.

This is the last one to be posted on both “Church Set Free” and “Just Me Being Curious”. I have no idea why.

Over to you 🙂


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Church Set Free

“Friend, who set me to be a judge or arbitrator over you?”Luke 12:13-21

Being “a friend” comes with quite a jobspec!  To disagree may mean the end of friendship. Because …

“If you were really my friend you would stick up for me! If you were my friend you would want to help me out. If you were my friend you should be the one I can depend upon. If you were my friend

Yesterday we had a service about Esther.  Through October we are journeying with those who journey through the Old Testament.

As part of the service prep the two of us were given a reference book to use.  The received wisdom of others.  And – like so much religious received wisdom – it was interesting to read:

It “bigged-up” Esther … it made her a role model .. it put her on a pedestal to…

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