Launch pads for God’s love bombs

Religion is dead in America.”

You know how God does that “funny stuff” when you read stuff? Like this kind of funny stuff: “Incoming Love Bomb … Incoming Love Bomb … (God here – let’s not pussy-foot about – you KNOW it’s me!) … Incoming Love Bomb … 3 … 2… 1… BOOM”

And a word or a phrase lights up and glows. And as you continue reading that word or phrase colours the rest of the page, the rest of the words, adds that “love bomb” to the whole – and changes (me) …

That kind of funny stuff.

BeautyBeyondBones wrote a post about life and love and the world and us as it looks through her own eyes. BBB writes so lovingly.  Beer Hall Banter was the post which triggered His love bomb. Lit up that “Religions is …” phrase

If you want to make any sense of my words below – have a read of BBB’s post first (Disclaimer: even that may not be enough).

And the “incoming” caused a conversation in my head – even as I was reading BBB’s words …

Religion is not relationship, religion is not God, religion is not love. It is man’s best efforts (or man’s “efforts”) to contain God so others might try to unpack Him for themselves.

It’s just “man” then refuses to let each of us “unpack God” for ourselves. We have to be told, taught and tested – just to make sure we unpack God as man intended God to be unpacked.

That – for me – is closer to religion than God, than “faith”, than relationship, than a Living Loving God.  And that film clip runs in my head each time “religion” is mentioned. But that was only the “outer shell” of today’s incoming. The bomb was this …

Statements like “Religion is dead in (name country and/or continent, culture or institution, group of community, any label)” miss something really important.

That God and Religion are not the same thing.  And that my “(whatever) of birth” – country, “religion”, genetic pool, cultural bedroom, all “this is who I am” names we connect ourselves to – that become our identity …They don’t work with God.

God doesn’t care much whether you are religious or not, whether you are American or not, whether your city is cosmopolitan or sleepy, whether your parents were this or that, whether your church does this or that, or even whether your church SHOULD do this or that … He doesn’t even care much whether I say the right words, whether I have the right answers, or know the right verses, and the right quotes, even have the right answers …

God can make use of anything and everything – God never wastes a thing – not even me – not even you!  God can love bomb anyone and anything – if I allow.

Religion? I am not sure God cares as much as “we” do.  America? Sorry America – I am not sure God really cares what you all call yourselves.  Denominations? I am not sure that God has a favourite.  Religion is Dead … ?

I think God might wish for religion to be dead.

Doesn’t it all to often get in the way?  Keeps us talking about what others know.  About what they learned about someone else’s theological research and analysis.  And that is usually what “they” learned about someone else’s research and life’s work.  Which was probably simply “them” drawing together all those other known works (of others who studied God) …

We call it the “Christian Tradition”. And we celebrate the Christian Tradition. Saves us having to get to know God ourselves most of the time. Saves us having to see each other as God sees each of us.  Unique.  Sacred.  Loved Unconditionally.  Saves us having to love each other (or ourselves).  Allows us to make sweeping statements like “Religion is dead in America”.

NB: BBB did not say that statement (I mention this only because you may have thought it wasn’t worth reading her words).  So for clarity: it was her friends using that statement – debating that statement – having a discussion as to who was right and who was wrong.  BBB lovingly allowed us to watch that conversation.  All of which allows God to “Love Bomb” my reading – and cause you (I hope) … yet more reading!

I like BBB – I like this blog community – so many are launch pads for God’s love bombs!

(God here – let’s not pussy-foot about – you KNOW it’s me!) … “Incoming Love Bomb … 3 … 2… 1… BOOM”


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