“Bed of gold” – pass it forwards

When God connects there is always a great reason. Like Faith and Hope.

Over at Church Set Free there is a conversation: Do I thank God – or give Him a good slap? (see comments underneath)

Faith and Hope – or saoirseandhope as her blogname is given – not only added some wonderful thoughts – she added a gift:

“Why do You let us walk along a cliff so steep, when deep below us, there lies a bed of gold, and if this should be, our battle place, don’t let us fall, don’t let us fall”

All I can do it to invite you to connect with saoirseandhope  … and pass her bed of gold forwards – with my love and affection …

King or cripple what have I become?
Beneath these kingly robes there lies a fragile man
What made me a king can sometimes cripple
All that you give can sometimes rob my innocence

Why do you let us walk upon a cliff so steep
When deep below the sea there lies a bed of gold
And if this should be our battle place
Don’t let me fall, don’t let us fall

Keep me, keep me, keep me, keep me

I love to hold the hand of one who healed the blind
And saw the leper run into your arms of love
King or cripple, they were the same to you
You took the broken man and you treat him like a king

Written by Martin Smith ©1997 Curious? Music UK



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