A God of all sizes who fits none

Good afternoon everyone. You know we all go to church and praise God for being in everyone and everything? I thought I might take you at your word and add another session to this afternoon. And as you have nothing better to do, this is an extended piece. So settle down, please – and open your bibles. Thank you.

If Jesus “messed with the bible” – what other surprises might the (inerrant and infallible) bible hold?  Well, atheists are always banging on about how “this or that” never happened – always bringing “science and facts and archaeology” into the argument – always laughing at us (when we just know that they really believe in “God” – just not like us).  So …

What if the bible agrees with them?  What if our bible is NOT inerrant and NOT infallible?  At least – not as “we” have been taught that it is.  Would your faith withstand such a hole below the waterline?  And … what would you say if I suggested that – rather than sounding a death-knell of anything with that suggestion …  I am confident this IS a victory for both atheists AND believers alike … ?

🙂 🙂 🙂

Unconditional Love – (VI)  time.

What better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon … ?

Follow me please – we are off to Church Set Free

(after you)


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