Messing with the bible

Turns out that “freestyling” is how they all did it back then.  Who would have thought?   Turns out that making connections that were never intended is how the theological elite did the bible.  Turns out that hearing the elite” freestyle” is how the crowds heard their bible taught.  Turns out that Jesus was doing to the bible “what they all did” to the bible back then.  It’s just that we don’t do that to the bible anymore (or do we … ?).  Now if we don’t agree with how others read the bible – we have a fight – and then stomp off and start up a new church (and they did some of that back then as well).

Now – as I look back with a fresh eye – I see that “excusing the bible” was, and is, the thin end of the wedge for me.  A wedge that kept/keeps on getting bigger and bigger. That evolved/evolves into my own personal “I excuse you God” for so much else in the bible – and then for all the “mysteries of God” – and now for all the messy bits – and has become this massive bulge: ALL the bits I sweep under my carpet of faith.  The messy bits.

Unconditional Love – (V) is hot off the keyboard at Church Set Free – and what better time for messing with the bible is there than “church day Sunday”?

If you want to join me in this next chapter – you are most welcome!  In fact …

All are welcome!

Thank you –





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