I believe both

Someone said to me last night that were enjoying this sequence of posts.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I asked how they found the link was working to the Church Set Free post.  They asked me “What link?  What “post” – I read “the post”.”

So a small aside: this post is only a taster, a teaser, an invitation to click the link to the full post on Church Set Free – where you will find the latest chapter – now chapter seven: 

(here is the taster)

“The “big deal” for me in this phrase “inerrant and infallible” is very simple. It adds nothing but takes away so much.

Whether or not the bible IS inerrant and/or infallible IS a matter only of belief. It is NOT a matter of fact. If you believe the bible is – then that is fine. And if you believe the bible isn’t – that is also fine.

I believe both.”

I would love for you to join me by (here is the link) clicking this link for Unconditional Love – (VII)  over on Church Set Free’


Thank you –



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