Deconstructing the Bible

Teaser-time again!

Today is a pause and ponder day in the “Unconditional Love – (??)” series of posts.

This kind of pause and ponder …

Because there is never any malice, never any judgement in His laughter. Just delight and fun. Simply delight of a joke shared – and the fun of an insight “sighted”. And because when I hear the sound of my GSHJ’s laughter (and I do – more often that I would like!) … THAT reconnects me … THAT is safe … THAT is love without condition.

So this pausing and reflecting is for my benefit. To discover (for the first time) that “deconstructing the bible” is safe – is fun – and is a delight (if I allow).

So in that vein, He then prompted a dusty memory (squeakkkkk ….)

Today is “Unconditional Love – reflections after seven chapters” day.

And to read the full post – please pop across to Church Set Free by clicking this link.

Thank you –



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