All because we didn’t pray

Despite all this “election malarkey” in a certain country – here is today’s taster (for the full post across at Church Set Free):

I think the Chosen People needed to find themselves. And they did so in a time(s) and place(s) very different to our own. And they did so with a bible very different to our own. When invasion and genocide was the way to win – the way to remain focused – the way to show the others you were not to be messed with.

Just as today when “our country” went/goes to war the first thing we all do is to pray to “our” BIG GOD to be on our side and to help us to wipe out our enemies – to keep our boys safe – and to smite theirs. It’s how we do things today. To not pray would be weird – would mean we don’t even believe in our God – which means we don’t want to keep our boys (and girls) safe – and we don’t care about our country being over-run by “them”.

Not praying to “our God” is a massive statement. Because what if there is a God … what if “they” pray and we don’t … what if “they” wipe us out …?

Back to this “inerrant and infallible” bible again: Unconditional Love – (VIII)

Just click this link for the full post.  I hope you will.

Thank you –













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