Pharisees, Pharisees everywhere!

Good morning all .. teaser-time again!

Church Set Free … Unconditional Love – (IX) …

Do we EVER choose to “die to self” (as in of this world “Religious Bible Church Christian tradition”)? Because wasn’t THAT exactly what Jesus asked the Pharisees to do? To die to all their religious tradition that was of this world – that was keeping them from kingdom … ?

I was never taught “that”. And I never hear “that” (unless applied to all the legalistic religious nuts who actually believe they are “Christians” … really???)

I am taught that we say the right words and we are saved! THAT is “our” Christian tradition today (and all that is left – fall into line and all the “church stuff” that us saved souls have to do). And today I wonder why. Today I see not a minority of Pharisees as I have been taught to see. Today I feel a lot like Jesus must have felt – the whole place is crawling with Pharisees!  Everywhere you look!  Under every rock and in every crevice! Pharisees everywhere!

For the full post and few more thoughts – click the link and be transported to another place!  Join me at Church Set Free.

Thank you –



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