God is not all about me

You might want to check out today’s post at Church Set Free.

So what if … These verses are not the voice of God that I need to hear today? What if these verses are not speaking to me today? What would that mean to my faith today? What would I learn then … and wouldn’t this all have been a small waste of MY time … ? Maybe …

Or maybe this …

That it’s not all about you (or me) all the time. That these verses WILL speak to another today – in their time – in their place. They will hear the voice of God in these verses because these verses will speak to them even though they don’t speak to me (or you). Maybe this is us learning that “God is not all about me”. Because maybe WE need to learn that God is all about ALL of us ALL the time.

Could you handle THAT?

Because today’s post is “Unconditional Love – (X : the “other one”).

And if I told you why you it is “the other one” – you would probably not bother to click this link and find out just what that means!

Or would you … ?


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