This unchanging bible

With a small time away coping with coughing/sneezing bugs, here we are again!  Picking apart the taught bible with love and with God.  And so to today’s teaser time:

Isn’t this the One True God taking a black-and-white “them” perspective (as illustrated nicely by “all who saw it began to grumble”) and trashing it. Time after time God trashes every addition to the list of black-and-whites of their time as their answer to their own “life’s minutiae”.

So just why am I still taught this “unchanging bible that is a factually accurate history of God” (complete with the (parallel) mystery of God)? Because I read these verses today and see neither them nor us. Not through God’s eyes. Through God’s eyes I see individuals. Just not me. No one can ever be me, nor me them. But neither do I see ministry and kingdom work either. I just hear His voice and question for me today:

“Who are you, Paul – what are you, Paul?”

For the full post head to “Unconditional Love – (XI)” to be found in Church Set Free and by clicking this link.

Thank you –




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