I made a difference

Many years ago I had a job that was grinding me down. Every day I would walk through the door. Every day I would take a deep breath. Every day I would draw myself up on the outside. Every day I would draw myself up on the inside. And then the grinding would begin all over again for another day.

Until one time a senior manager drew me aside and offered an alternative. And that is all it took. An alternative. No one left.  No one died.  No one moved job.  No one changed very much.  Except everything changed.

I changed.

Within twenty-four hours no more grinding. No more drawing myself up. No more down. I had an alternative.  I had changed.  And I made a difference.  What followed in that job was something quite remarkable. Including this (with hindsight) …

Without the grinding down – the alternative – “the remarkable”  … this would have just been another job, another rung in a career path, another stepping stone from somewhere to somewhere else. Unremarkable. Ordinary. Normal. Unremembered.

I was offered an alternative. And what followed is now in my mind always remarkable.

Today the nation, that regards itself as the greatest nation on the planet, eats turkey. And pumpkin pie (made of sweet potato – if you know what is what). And all the trimmings (without which today would just be another unremarkable day).

I saw a news item yesterday of 15 mile traffic-jams. That is a lot of people on the move. Each with a tradition to share with someone else.

Happy Thanksgiving Day United States of America.

There is an alternative.

An alternative to “doing what we always do” and then tomorrow getting on with “doing what we always do” again. Return to a living unremembered.

What if …

Today was the alternative? Today is the alternative? An alternative way of looking at each other every day?

With kindness. With affection. With respect for tradition and change – both at the same time. With respect for age and youth – both at the same time. For north and south, for colour of every palette, for preferences not my own, for talents not my own, for weaknesses not my own. For each one whom I call my brother locally, nationally and globally. For this planet locally, nationally, globally and inter-planetary. For beliefs that are local, national and global. For each one as sacred as each other. For me no less than you – BUT – you no less than me.

What if …

We if we all woke up tomorrow and owned that alternative? What if we all embraced that alternative – made it “my own”?  Wouldn’t what follows be remarkable?  Wouldn’t what followed be memorable?  Wouldn’t what followed be what we all desire deep down inside?

My “alternative” changed me. My living was never the same again. How could it be? I was remarkable!  The people around me were remarkable!  The world I live in is remarkable! It is stuffed full of love!  A love we all wish to be given back. A love that never runs out.

A love that grows more love – and more love – and more love – and … !

Now just imagine that!

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