A “live and let live” post

“In my own journey as a follower I am finding this year that I value the “ugly stuff” of God more and more. I see more and more that it is the “real stuff” – the precious stuff. Others don’t. But this is not a “bah humbug” post. This is a “live and let live” post.

This is my Christmas story – my Christmas journey – a different footfall – a different path – a different something to last year. This year I think this …

God does not mind like we “mind”.”

Over at Church Set Free the full post awaits your unwrapping.  This small teaser is simply an extract of a post all about love without condition at this Christmas time of year.  It is called:

An exquisite appetiser of real love without condition” (just posted in CSF).

So if you want a glimpse on how we decorate our house at this time of year – click this link – and be transported somewhere magical!  🙂

Thank you –


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