Christmas Countdown – today

25th December. You can rely on Jesus. Born at the same time every year. No messing about (and no mess either).

We get caught up in the preparation. And then the aftermath. We talk about the wonderful gift God gave us!  Not really a baby – a lamb to be slaughtered very messily on the altar we call a cross. We tell ourselves that we screwed up in the Garden. All of us – every person – every generation – every those yet to be born – every me and you – even our own children, dammit!

We tell ourselves we are all “blessed” with Original Sin. That one gene we cannot beat – that bad DNA keeping us from a right life. God is generous like that. Planned our planet to be cursed (or was it accidental) and then sent Jesus to pay the price. Which kind of undermines the “we can never earn our way to eternal life”. Doesn’t that mean we have –  just that Jesus earned it for us?  And which leaves me pondering God’s parenting (and creation) skills.  Lacking something fairly obvious if you ask me.

Last night as I walked our dog, I passed Christmas lights after Christmas lights. I got to singing “O come let us adore Hi-i-m, Chri-i-st the Lord” as I walked. Not the whole carol – just that line – over and over.

This time of year I find “different”. Just as when the due date of our children approached life was “different”.

Because I was different.

I was expecting life at any moment. I was expecting to become a father. Work on standby. Friends on standby. “Mum to be” on (a different) standby. But for both us “the worry”.  Was our child going to live – was our child going to be perfect?  A worry that increased with each pregnancy. A worry that the law of averages was going to get us this time.

“Oh come let us adore Hi-i-m.”

And we did. We adored our little messy, noisy, needy, helpless, confused, traumatised scraps of life squeezed to an inch of their lives (as we happily call “the delivery”). The stretching of mum’s internal organs beyond what seems possible we call “giving birth” (I still have the nail scars on the back of my hand).

We adored each baby then.  We adore the adults they are now.  We adore the lives of those we created. We adore each hi-i-m and he-e-r. We always will.

Oh come let us adore Hi-i-m.

So are we of The Garden or Big Bang school of thought? Are we Sinners or just “us”? Are we Forgiven or Brainwashed?  Who cares!

Oh come let us adore Hi-i-m.

Are we not as one? Just as the “Birth of Jesus” reminds us we are. As one on this planet we call home – this small dot of dust we rule and rape and repair – this miracle of life in a universe devoid of everything we name life. Our dot of dust with just the right amount of everything – just the right absence of everything – just the right amount of “stuff” to sustain life. A life that we take for granted – a life that we consider our right – a living that owes us.

Oh come let us adore Hi-i-m.

Is a season where we give more, smile more, connect more, accept others more, see the good more, see the love, share the love, feel the pain more, connect with the pain more, are as one with the pain more. This season where war still kills, where drought still decimates, where we feel guilty more (and have years of practice of resisting ).

Oh come let us adore Hi-i-m.

This season where Jesus arrived unnoticed to all but a few. Just as we all do (unless you are celeb parents of the moment, royalty of the local, or parents-to-be held in esteem by the fashionistas of the day). Unnoticed to all but a few.

Just as I was.  And our own children.  And now theirs. Just as we are all born. Born into a world of war and drought and pain and anonymity. Just like Jesus.  Just like He was.

But that one question which never rests as we approach Christmas …

Why “just like us” – and us just like “Him”?

(to be continued it seems)


8 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown – today

    • Never heard them in person. Never had the “4Dimensions” when every cell resonates with the vibe. Which makes me wonder why I have never sought out a live moment!
      And I know what you man about YouTube. Me? I have spent hours finding “just that one” I heard or saw once embedded elsewhere. And know I will again and again. I think that is “the mark of man” – not silly at all! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Loved the thought process here. This one caught my attention in particular…

    “Doesn’t that mean we have –  just that Jesus earned it for us?  And which leaves me pondering God’s parenting (and creation) skills.”

    The way you connected parenting with Jesus earning something got me on another thought process. 🙂 Is salvation actually all about “earning” something, whether Jesus earned it or we did? Is that even relevant? It assumes someone must be paid in order to be a “Parent” (Father). Think about it…how do we “earn” being a child of our biological parents? And, did we, as parents, earn something for our kids so they could be our kids? Or, did we just want to have kids and loved them unconditionally when they were born (created), and so we did whatever we could to be with them? These questions really challenge our paradigm on salvation. Is God someone who needs to be paid, or is He a loving Parent? Hmmmmm? My mind reels…

    So, Paul…awesome! Thanks for such a thought-provoking post! Loved it! Blessings.


    • Mel, thank you. These posts are my personal “walking on water”. I left replying t your comment until after writing this morning’s post. I sense He wishes where we go with this to be free of me “picking up vibes” along the way (hope that doesn’t sound rude!).

      And having said that – your comment last night was really helpful in me not “looking down” as much as I REALLY want to! So THANK YOU!

      Because this morning “original sin” gets a rethink. And these are the foundation stones of my taught relationship with God! How dare I wiggle them around!

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