Christmas Countdown – I am not a victim

What if there never was “original sin“?

What if original sin was, and remains, our imposition on God?  And what if Jesus never came to earth to wash away our (original) sin with His blood?  What if God never got it wrong in “the Garden”?  And what if Jesus was not “Plan B”?  And what if we have taught … embedded … made a fact … OUR own (original) sin that simply never was?  And what if we need saving NOT from our (original) sin – but from our own cast iron belief that we NEED saving from original sin?  What if we got “that” completely wrong?

How would that “what if” change our long established and cherished Christian Tradition?


Good morning …

For some time I have had a growing distaste for this accepted and assumed relationship between God and me.  A relationship whose foundation is sin.  Sin that distances.  Sin against which I am a helpless victim.  Sin that rules my relationship with God.  Sin that actually required God’s only Son to be born as man and to die as man and to rise as God-but-not-really-God.  All because (we say) that God allowed us to be exposed to sin in the Garden.  All because (we say) that God allowed sin as the snake into the Garden where it should never have been.  All because (we say) God tempted us by placing “that tree” and then drawing our attention to it by telling us that we mustn’t eat its fruit.  I mean – come on God!  That’s amateur night!  Anyone knows what will happen next!

(and have you ever noticed how we assume “Adam and Eveship” when we talk about the fall and the Garden and that tree and that snake?  How we become Adam and Eve.  We become God’s playdoh playthings?  We become victims then and now.  Does anyone else find that a tad weird?  Have I missed something and “the Garden and all that” has been proven to be a chronological and factually accurate record?)

Original sin.  The sin of Adam and Eve.  In a Garden which is probably figurative.  With a snake and tree probably figurative.  By two people who are probably figurative.  But which we have made our own – literally and factually. So literally and factually that we accept and assume that WE are always victims of original sin forever and ever, amen.

That fits with the God I was taught – who lives in the Old Testament – that smite ’em “God” who I was taught to believe kept us all in check because of “my” original sin – l learned I was a victim to sin – and was taught that I always would be.

But the God I know today – who lifts me up – who knows my every thought – who lives within the very fibre of my being – who always has – who waited decades for me to say Hello … THAT God – does not, would not, and cannot create me as a victim.  For that has at its heart “transaction” (and debt and bank accounts and earning salvation – whatever that means).  The God I know cannot do that because unconditional love cannot comprehend “pre-conditions” – ever.

It makes no sense (even to me).

If I love someone I do not spend my whole time controlling them with all the bad things they (might have) have done to me.  I do not desire a relationship of fear and of hiding from each other.  I have no desire for any of that to be in me.  I desire love without condition. Freely given.  Without guilt.  Without (the need for) forgiveness..

So I wonder more and more …

Why would this God of love eternal – love without condition – impose such a draconian requirement on me whom He loves?  Why would a God of intimate and open relationship impose such a barrier to relationship itself?  And just what does God gain from these (narcissistic) pre-conditions we say that HE imposed on US?

Is it because we think we have so offended God that we believe that He made it impossible for us to have an intimate relationship with Him (unless we fulfil those certain conditions of course).

Pre-conditions to unconditional love?  Really?

Or might that be OUR version of “love without condition” that WE impose on the God of unconditional love?  Might one of those conditions be original sin. Which must be a debt paid on our behalf – which we call saved by grace – which sanitises the transaction and makes the transaction no transaction at all?

So I wonder more and more – who does original sin serve best?

Because “Christian Tradition” says that although we are saved … despite our sin being washed away … even with all “that” … we will STILL sin because we must … because we remain victims (even after we are saved).  And more and more I get angry at that teaching.

Because that “teaching” defines me as incapable of unconditional love. Defines me as a victim.  And means my victim’s love is conditional by definition (or else I would not be a victim).  And that is why I cannot see “original sin” as best serving God.  He never created me a victim.  I am not – and never have been – a victim.

And if that has Godly legs …

Then Jesus born to woman as man for the sole purpose of shedding His blood as happens in an abattoir … on an Old Testament altar … in any number of “pagan rituals” …

All “that” could do with a re-think (along with the Church … the Christian Tradition … the Creeds … Worship … Forgiveness … Love … ).  Because if we have determined that we are incapable of unconditional love in our own lifetime – if we have also determined that we will always be a victim to sin …

Then just why are we “followers” at all (and who really gains from original sin being the essence of my faith)?

I had doubts about the thoughts and words God Soft Hands Jesus was drawing from me in this journey.  Yet writing that one last sentence has washed away any doubt.  The God I know would not set me up to fail.  Because the God I know loves me and each of us without any pre-conditions.

Isn’t this what “Advent” is all about?  Isn’t this what “following” is all about?  An on-going rethink about our relationship with God?

So what other reasons might there be for Christmas and all that … the Garden and all that … the Cross and all that … the Resurrection and all that … For God Soft Hands Jesus and all that … ?

(which I guess means I am still journeying with this tomorrow)


Thank you Paul – and a most agreeable and loving Christmas Countdown we are having!


6 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown – I am not a victim

  1. Paul just because you got my gears shifting…
    In the beginning, God gave them a choice life(with Him) or death (separation from Him).
    For the wages of sin is death;.but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23
    “I call heaven and earth as witness this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life,…Deut. 30.

    His love is unconditional. He has proved His love for us through His Son that we might know Him and choose Him. The only condition I see is our willingness to turn from death and receive His free gift of life. He chose me and I freely choose Him as my Lord, Father, Friend, and Savior. : )

    And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me…Rev 22:12

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      • Hi Paul, I am still thinking your thoughts, and trying to explain them in a clearer manner. We believe whatever we believe about Original sin etc because we have been told so since we I entered sunday school at about aged 4. Who began the telling? That two people who probably never existed as real people, decided the fate of all to come by being beguiled by a reptile.

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        • “Who began the telling?”

          If I continue to believe what I was taught, God did. And if I believe what I was also taught – that places all of this beyond my mere uneducated and sinful character to comprehend.

          My own thought? Every journey ever journeyed begins with intent and purpose enough for the motivation necessary to take that first step. But once the first step is taken … that is when the real journey begins. When by being in a different space and place my intent and purpose morphs with the newness of that space and place.

          Just as my writing now is not the writing of these two short years ago. Yet – by making the bible of God rather than each of us – we place that invitation to real relationship in a dusty venerated ancient place (that we then dare not devour, digest and chew with gusto). So we are taught to let our “taste buds” and appetites be directed by those qualified in God.

          On a tv programme last night an interviewer commented to the famous interviewee that they didn’t know enough about art to “get” the interviewee’s art. And the reply was this: “You don’t need to know anything about art – just whether you like what you see or not – whether it changes you or not.”

          More and more that is His invitation to me of the bible and all this “qualified in God” pecking order we are taught. More and more I find all “that” is much more about our (insecurity?) wanting to look good for others. And that is not about God, that is about us.

          “Who began the telling?”

          I have never heard that question asked quite as simply. Thank you.


          • yes, who began the telling of that negative concept? neither Jews nor Muslims believe in this thing called original sin. Baptism expunges it, yet is it a genetic trait since we all carry the gene? What about some gene manipulation? Or is that what Christ tried to do when he killed the sin trait in himself by dying.


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