Christmas Countdown – how do I prefer my God?

I am father. Before time began for our children I was a father. They have never known a time when I was not. How could they?  In the beginning I was and always will be.  No matter how much we are friends along the way.

They became uncles and aunts.  And to those nieces and nephews they always will be.  And now they are bringing their own children into the world.

And now they are and always will be mother and father to their children.

Baby Jesus. Father God. Uncle Spirit.

I am married to a pretty cool lady. I am amazed at her wisdom and insight on a regular basis. I am astounded by her stamina and grit when mine has long run out. I am in awe of her growing our children both inside her own body, and then for all our following lifetimes. My wife is no Mary. My wife can bring me to my knees with a glance, she will send me soaring with a touch, and she will shed tears in front of me as a last resort.

Yet Mary … ?

Never sinned I am told. Never could I am told. Which always seems a tad “us” rather than Mary to me.  A bit wrapped in cotton wool by us.  Us making her our own Mona Lisa.  We give her that gaze.  We make her free of original sin.  We make her not like me.  It’s the Mystery of God again, Paul – live with it.

Luke 1: 46-56   “Mary’s Song”

“From now on all generations will call me blessed, for the Mighty One has done great things for me – holy is his name.  His mercy extends to those who fear him, from generation to generation.”

That is a daughter – a son – speaking. One who has known only the father. Just as we know only the father.  Because Jesus is the Father and the Father is Jesus (no matter the outer wrapping).

“How do I prefer my God?”

Just as our children make me the father they prefer, and just as they become the aunts/uncles their nieces/nephews prefer, and just as they will be the parents their own children prefer.  Just as we make Mary the celeb we want her to be … maybe Baby Jesus is the question we all have to answer …

“How do I prefer my God?”

Sinny side up … scrambled or poached … hard boiled or soft … original sin and debt … unconditional love and loved … distant and fierce … father or uncle … uncle or child … brother or friend … do I look up or do I look into … do I bow down or do I embrace … do I say thank you and do I say sorry … what is the answer … what is the question … ?

Maybe the question is not:

“Are you saved, are you churched, are you a follower, are you born again, will you get to heaven, do you really want to go to hell … ?”

Maybe the question is:

“Do I owe – or do I love?”


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