Christmas Countdown – is (or is not)

Oh crap. Not again!

Ten days ago my Lord invited me to walk a Christmas Countdown with Him.  Faith was the reason.  And the question: “One mustard seed of faith. Is it enough?”

And He asked me to take Original Sin and park it. To take The Cross and park it. To take the Debt of Sin and park it. To take the modern day Nativity and park it.  To park a lot of stuff in order to experience whether one small mustard seed of faith is enough.

And I found it isn’t.

What I did find is that the size of  “mustard seed” is irrelevant. I found out that the size of my “faith” isn’t what faith is all about – it never was – it never is.  Because what I have experienced these last ten days is simple:

Faith is – or is not.

What I have learned is that I talk about faith like I talk about a loaf of bread: how big is it, how much is left, how much do I need, can I have some more please? I found that I make faith a commodity. And I found that makes my God a commodity as well – I park God along the way.

Ten days ago my Lord knew my heart.

Original Sin is a building block in the Christian Tradition. The Garden another. The Cross and the wiping out of debt another. The Nativity as we see it right now another.  My Lord knew I feared ridicule in writing this Christmas Countdown. My Lord knows me.  And ten days ago I had no idea where He would lead.  Until this:

Faith is. Or is not.

Because I “knew that” in my head.  I knew that intellectually.  I have written about “faith by sight” as the most common form of faith I see around “the churched”.  This commodity we call faith (so long as I can see the end result). About how we “churched” keep this conspiracy alive.  It has become the Christian Tradition: “I don’t think so … let’s pray about this … let’s table this for discussion next time.”  It is … “go away and bring it back once you have made it work … “.  If is not faith at all.  It is calculation.  It is transaction.  It is a commodity we have come to believe is faith (please sir, can I have some more?)

And without selling our house, without giving all we have to the poor, without making a pilgrimage to Bethlehem, without more than writing these posts … I now know what I had only “known” before: I treat faith like a commodity. I make that okay.  That is what I have learned.  And this is what I have experienced:

Faith is. Or is not.

And when my God invites me to walk with Him – He already knows The Way.  He knows there is The Way. And my faith in that is (or is not).

Adam and Eve. That snake and tree. Was that “Original Sin” (and all that stuff)?  Or was that the first demonstration of “Faith is – or is not”?  Because if it was – then you have all made it something it never was.  Because if “faith is – or is not” – isn’t that also true of love?

Love is – or is not.

I may express love differently, but without (a mustard seed of) love – love is not.  And if that is true, then “love” is not a commodity either. Love is – or is not.

And if the tree was faith is (or not), and if love is (or not) – then how come sin rules in all of this … ? And just where does original sin come from in any of this? So what reason have you to wrap sin all around love?  To decide that you can/can’t love enough?  And if that is true then what about the cross?  Might that mean something different as well?

Let’s start again …

Faith is – or is not. And without faith – there is no love. Love is faith and faith is love. So to separate the two … might that be a sin?  By the way – sin is not a commodity either: Sin is – or is not.

See a pattern emerging here … ?  You have faith … you love … you don’t sin. You have no faith … you don’t love … you sin.

Now jump aboard and let’s fly …

Darkness is not a commodity – darkness is the absence of light. Conditional love is not even real – it is simply the absence of love.  Not enough faith is not real either – it is just the absence of faith.  And for the biggie … sin is not sin – it is the absence of faith, love and hope (the greatest of which is …)

And why no list of “biblical evidence” to support my “outlandish claims”, Paul?

We always use the bible as a reference manual as a prop to “not enough faith” – and it never was – that is not “why the bible” …  Faith is – or is not.  Love is – or is not.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year, Paul – let’s pause here.

We will pick this up after Christmas. And we will be toddlers together. How about we waddle together in the new year!

Ho ho ho!

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