Growing with God – can you pay the price?

Question: How do you get from FR David: Words Don’t Come Easy  to the book of Jeremiah  taking in NewMusik: On Islands along the way?

Answer: I haven’t the faintest idea!

But we did this morning. He and I.


I hear a lot about spiritual disciplines. About spiritual practices. About retreats. About programmes.  About books I should read.  I hear a lot about the cost of being a disciple.  Of the burden.  Of carrying a cross.  Of persecution.  Which must prove that the Love of God is a mystery hidden from us.

But just why does God come with this price-tag?

Because I see, hear, and read the teaching of price.  And for many years I have accepted this teaching of price.  I believed there is a price.  After all, I have been saved from death itself.  I am a sinner – since Adam and Eve.  I have been saved from the wages of sin – by God no less.  And I was also taught from an early age that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

So why should I not accept the teaching of price and God?  After all – teachers come with qualifications – parents come with authority – the church comes with tradition and authority (with God-given authority).  And “the price” has been passed down – the bible is full of “the price” … the price of sin – the price of being saved – the cost of being saved – the burden of it all – the price we can never repay.  In fact the whole show runs on … “He paid the price so you don’t have to.”

Yet as He and I meandered from song … to bible … to song  … to absolutely nothing of value to report …. one thought lingered this morning.

God sets no price.

And where there is no price, there is only love … and where no price, there is only gifts … and where no price, there is no burden … not unless I choose to make it so.  And I did.

But nowadays, less and less – as I grow with God.

So this morning I am content to drift. To begin with words don’t come easy – to find myself in jeremiah – to wander into on islands – to enjoy “the price” of love – to enjoy the “spiritual practice” of wandering hand in hand – the “spiritual discipline” of showing each other small delights – and to share stuff here that is meaningless to anyone else – and to rest perfectly content without any insight to share.

Other than this little delight as we wandered around Jeremiah ….

It is thus wise not to refer to such judgments as punishments (for which there is no Hebrew word, in any case); rather, judgment refers to the natural consequences of sin that are integral to God’s creational moral order, an order which God continues to mediate.  Enter the Bible from Luther Seminary

There is no Hebrew word for “judgments as punishments”


Now that made me think a little deeper this morning!


On Islands: NewMusik

On islands we all run
Onto islands in the sun
And the sun too is an island
With islands all around

We’re all islands in the sea
And the islands want to reach
Other islands passing by
An island in the sky

On islands everywhere
All the islands ever there
Are all waiting on an island
That island stands alone

On islands On islands On islands On islands

On islands we’re all the same all on our own islands that reach out for evermore
On islands into the darkest depths of eternal space searching
On islands for all the answers to the secrets that we have never learned
On islands wish there were ways of finding out there must be other worlds other islands
On islands there must be …
On islands


2 thoughts on “Growing with God – can you pay the price?

  1. “There is no Hebrew word for “judgments as punishments”

    Amen! Really good point. There is no punishment in the Kingdom of heaven (or in our relationship with God’). Why we obsess over painting God as a cruel punisher is beyond me. We don’t need any help in that department. We do it to ourselves just fine!


    • Makes the transaction viable maybe? Keeps us in control perhaps? Allows us to love God – just not too much – possibly?

      And also means never ever getting to the good stuff, the real stuff, the liberating stuff, the best stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

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