Reflections on God Jesus’ failings

I was reading Don’s post this morning. Jesus bringing a young man back to life. A widow who had lost her son. A celebration worth celebrating. Jesus’s stock rising with each miraculous healing.

Don said this: “In (Luke) chapter 6, through His great Sermon, Jesus told the people what a citizen of the Kingdom would look like. Here in chapter 7, Jesus is showing us what the Kingdom is as He heals people from their sickness, a consequence of sin, and now when He raises this young man to life showing the Kingdom’s power over death itself. Of course death is the ultimate consequence of sin, and Jesus’ Kingdom will be populated by people who, along with Jesus Himself, have victory over death.”

And then God Soft Hands Jesus said this: “When you read about these miracles, these healings, these local wow moments … Where am I – what am I – who am I?
(Rhetorical question, Paul)
Did you ever notice that I am travelling? Travelling is the common theme. I meet people when they are travelling – when I am travelling – when they travel to me – when I travel to them. Ever thought that “that” means many were not healed – many were not cured – many were not brought back to life.”

Which helps.

Because how often do I – do you – all of us – struggle to make a difference? To reach those in need? To save those who need saving? And because we can’t – we become discouraged. We stop travelling.  We fail quietly.  Because our Likes and Follows here remain in single figures we give up writing. I am not doing the Lord’s work – Kingdom work – I am not preaching the gospel to all nations – I am not making disciples left, right and centre – I have no army of souls I saved for Him. I am not earning my keep as a Christian.

Lord give me faith, let me save souls, let me do your work! Is all too often the cry from our knees. If only this or that or the other. If only a miracle. If only I was a better Christian!

“The “Creator of the Universe” (I love the titles you bestow!) healed only those who connected when travelling. I never knocked on doors: “Bring out your dead!” I never sought the sick – they sought me. Those who did not seek did not find. Could I have healed all?  Yes. But let me ask you this.

Why is one sacred soul never enough for you?  Why must you count saving souls as you take an inventory?  Why is one soul saved not way more than enough?  Why do you count my “miracles” written into the bible?  Why do you measure my “success”?  Just what do you define as “success”?  Because on the scale of saving souls – I failed miserably.  On the scale of all creation through time my miracles never even registered.  I failed.  I didn’t reach everyone.”

How often do I play that soundtrack?

And yet …

(over to you, Paul)”

And yet we never think of God Jesus as “failing” (as we judge ourselves failing). We never see God Jesus sitting on the couch at home wondering if He is making a difference. Wondering why His prayers aren’t answered. Whether His faith is enough. We never see Jesus failing for God. We only see our superhero. Our Saviour of the Universe. Our human He-Man … as we stamp “FAIL” on our own foreheads.

Yet …

If one soul is more than enough – then I have already done more than enough.

I travelled to Jesus and was healed. I was brought back to life. I was cured of soul sickness. I sought out my Saviour and begged healing. I travelled. He travelled. We met.  And I have followed Him.  He has followed me.  Before, then, since.

I am not the same.
I am not who I was.
I am today who I am today.
I am tomorrow who I will be tomorrow.
I am travelling.
Always travelling.
For if I cease travelling …

How will I ever meet you …
How will you ever meet me?

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